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Cherry Simmonds

Cherry Simmonds

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Cherry Simmonds was born on Merseyside in 1941, the youngest of nine children. She left school at 15 and worked variously as a Post Office counter clerk, a book-keepping machine operator, garage attendent, wages clerk in a life raft factory, fancy goods shop owner and junk shop owner. She and her husband emigrated to New Zealand in 1970 where they still live. They have three sons (one adopted) and she is mad about animals and auctions. The origins of Nobody in Particular lie in a long letter the author wrote to her brother-in-law following the death of his wife, her beloved sister.

Books by Cherry Simmonds

Nobody In Particular

Funny, sad, heart-warming, wise and utterly winning account of growing up in the back streets of Liverpool in the '50s and '60s - a must read for all who've enjoyed Nadine Dorries' Four Streets.

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