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Cate Kendall is actually writing team Lisa Blundell and Michelle Hamer, who first met as private-school mums over a latte in mid-2005. As they sipped coffee and poked fun at the posh mums of the private school world it dawned on them that this topic could make a great book. The two mums each have four children.

As a prolific journalist, Michelle has been widely published across Australia, has been an editor at The Age, and is author of the books: It Couldn't Happen to Me, How it Feels, and Caesarean Culture.

The advertising game was Lisa's entrée into writing with several years copywriting under her belt - she also writes for The Age.

Michelle and Lisa have written four books together, Gucci Mamas, Versace Sisters, Chanel Sweethearts and Armani Angels.

Books by Cate Kendall