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Bryan Sykes is Professor of Human Genetics at the University of Oxford and has had a remarkable scientific career in genetics. After undertaking medical research into the causes of inherited bone disease, he set out to discover if DNA, the genetic material, could possibly survive in ancient bones. It did and he was the first to report on the recovery of ancient DNA from archaeological bone in the journal "Nature" in 1989. Since then Professor Sykes has been called in as the leading international authority to examine several high profile cases, such as the Ice Man, Cheddar Man and the many individuals claiming to be surviving members of the Russian Royal Family. He is the author of The Seven Daughters of Eve, Adam's Curse and Blood of the Isles.

Books by Bryan Sykes

Blood of the Isles

How our genetic roots rewrite our history

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The Seven Daughters Of Eve

A fascinating evaluation of our genetic origins.

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Adam's Curse

Are men an endangered species?

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