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Aura Parker
Photo Credit: Honey Blue Photography

Aura Parker is an illustrator, writer and designer who creates delightful picture books, prints and textiles. Her work is joyful, imaginative, and brimming with details to explore. Aura Parker's storytelling through words and pictures inspires imagination, courage and confidence in young readers. Aura works in traditional and digital techniques including watercolour, gouache, pen and coloured pencil. She works from a studio in Sydney.

Books by Aura Parker

Meerkat Christmas

Pure Christmas rhyming fun from the creator of the popular Meerkat Splash.

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Goodnight, Glow Worms

From the creator of the delightful Meerkat Splash comes a cuddly, snuggly bedtime book for the very young.

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Meerkat Splash

Aura Parker's playful rhyme and energetic illustrations combine to create the perfect picture book for the very young about colours and bathtime.

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The Silly Seabed Song activity pack

Jelly flubber! Wobbly gong!

The Silly Seabed Song by Aura Parker | Read aloud by Aura Parker

Buy now: https://www.penguin.com.au/books/the-silly-seabed-song-9781760899394 The Silly Seabed Song, read aloud by author-illustrator Aura Parker. Aura created these beautiful illustrations using a mix of traditional hand-painted and digital watercolour. Find out more at her website, illustrated.com.au From the award-winning author-illustrator of the delightful Meerkat Splash and Goodnight, Glow Worms, comes another bedtime story for the very young, brimming with bouncing rhyme and the playful riddle of a backwards poem. The Rock Oysters sing the Silly Seabed Song to help send the sea creatures to sleep, but the crazy words are too much fun and it just makes them all laugh instead! Little Turtle Hatchling Fred just wants to rest his head, but how will he ever get to sleep? Way down deep, under the sea, Can you hear it? Can it be? Jelly flubber! Wobbly gong! It's the Silly Seabed Song! #TheSillySeabedSong #AuraParker

A new colouring in page every day!

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Goodnight, Glow Worms activity pack

Will these gorgeous glow worms ever get to sleep?

Easy activities for kids at home

Keep the kids entertained with these fun book-related ideas. There's an activity book for every age: one for littlies, one for kids and one for grown-ups too!

Puffinalia for educators

Celebrating 80 years of Puffin!

Meerkat Splash activity pack

Dive in to this fun activity pack filled with Meerkats!