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Anthony Destefano

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Anthony DeStefano obtained a degree in Philosophy/Theology from St. John's University, and became President of Fulton Electronics Corp. He worked as a columnist for the Staten Island Advance and during the mid 1990s, his writing skills led him to become a Press Secretary of numerous statewide political races.
He currently serves as the CEO of two corporations: Priests for Life and Stratcom. Priests for Life is a Catholic not-for-profit organization based in New York and is connected to the Pontifical Council for the Family in Rome - a branch of the Vatican which deals with issues related to marriage, the sanctity of life, the pastoral care of the family, the elderly, orphans, drug abuse, etc. He is a member of Legatus, a prestigious organization of Catholic CEOs, the Knights of Malta (the Catholic lay Order devoted to serving the needs of the poor through hands-on volunteer work and financial support), has worked closely with many of the top Christian leaders in the United States and travels frequently between New York and Rome, where he has an apartment near the Vatican. He and his wife live in New York.

Books by Anthony Destefano

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A uniquely inspiring and vivid 'sight-seeing' trip to paradise

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