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Angelica Goodden

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Angelica Goodden is a Fellow and Tutor of St Hilda's College, Oxford. As well as several books on literature and culture of eighteenth-century France, she is the author of the critically acclaimed biography of the painter Elisabeth Louise Vigee Le Brun, The Sweetness of Life and Miss Angel.

Books by Angelica Goodden

Miss Angel

'A riveting reappraisal. Angelica Goodden tells the story of Kauffman's sensational rise to fame in vivid detail with a wealth of new insight into the late eighteenth century European art world in which she operated with such élan. Best of all Goodden tackles the still controversial subject of Kauffman's real standing as an artist, posing the question 'Was she really worth it?' This skilful, perspicacious book convinces us she was.' Fiona MacCarthy

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