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Andrew Wheatcroft

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Andrew Wheatcroft is the author of many books on early modern and modern history, including The Ottomans (1995), The Habsburgs (1996) and Infidels (2003). During the writing of The Enemy at the Gate, he has researched in Austria, Germany, France, Ireland, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Turkey, Sweden, and the USA. His previous books have been translated into eleven languages. He is based in Dumfriesshire, and is Professor, and Director of The Centre for Publishing Studies, at the University of Stirling.

Books by Andrew Wheatcroft

The Enemy at the Gate

Major historian Andrew Wheatcroft reveals the full story of four centuries of Ottoman incursions into the heartlands of Europe, culminating in the momentous 1683 Siege of Vienna.

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The Road to War

A revised and updated edition of a classic history book exploring the beginnings of World War II in concise, accessible and enjoyable prose.

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