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Allison Mooney, author of business skills guide Pressing the Right Buttons, is a leading authority and certified trainer in Personality Plus — an effective profiling system. She is an international corporate speaker and winner of many prestigious speaking awards through the National Speakers Association of New Zealand.

In 2009 she achieved one of the highest international accreditations in the speaking industry, the CSP award. She is a dynamic presenter with a bubbly personality, who has been described as ‘vibrant, insightful, engaging and relevant’.

Mooney’s outstanding customer services record at Ansett assumed iconic status when it became one of a series of reality-based advertisements for the company (her ad is: ‘I can’t — I’ve split my trousers.’) Her work both at Ansett and managing Qantas’s First Class Lounge led to her being asked to speak to a wide range of government departments, corporates and private-sector organisations. A

udiences are challenged to significantly increase their performance capability, while improving the quality of their own lives and those of others, by ‘speed-reading’ others to find out what they really want, talking in a way that people want to listen, and relating better by seeing things through others’ eyes. See www.allisonmooney.co.nz.

She fronted the popular TV reality series Treasure Island, and was involved in selecting participants in another prime-time reality TV series, Pioneer House. Her reputation as setting the benchmark in understanding people and communicating effectively with them in business contexts led to Pressing the Right Buttons, the essential guide to identifying personality types and interacting with them effectively in the business context.

Celebrity Speakers wrote of her: ‘Allison has not only gained respect, but built a powerful brand, inspiring many high profile companies. Allison is valued for her ability to engage an audience and give practical effective business tools that ensure buoyancy and resilience. Her presentation style makes for a fun and entertaining program, and more importantly, the uncomplicated content generates greater retention and application. The topic is universal in its content so can be applied across all industries and professions.’ And, quoted a client: ‘Allison understands people like fishermen know their fish!’

Pressing the Right Buttons Allison Mooney

A guide to analysing personality types and finding the best way to motivate others.

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