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Alex Games wrote the original Balderdash & Piffle which became an instant bestseller on publication in January 2006. He has written for most of the slightly posher newspapers, and in a brief stint as a gadget columnist he was responsible for reviewing some of the most inexpensive items ever to appear in the Financial Times. As well as writing comedy for BBC Radio 1 and 4, Alex has written biographies of Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, and Alan Bennett.

Victoria Coren is a well-known freelance journalist. She writes weekly columns in the Guardian and the Observer, and she has written two books, Love 16 and Once More With Feeling. She presents Balderdash & Piffle and several televised poker series. Victoria is a keen amateur word-hunter and an avid completer of crosswords, albeit not always with the right answers.

Books by Alex Games

Kick the Bucket and Swing the Cat

English words and phrases, and their curious origins

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Balderdash & Piffle: One Sandwich Short of a Dog's Dinner

The stories behind our most intriguing words and phrases

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Balderdash & Piffle

The fascinating stories behind the words and phrases we use every day, and how English has absorbed a huge range of influences.

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