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Albert Cho
Photo Credit: (c) Clara-Jane Follas

Albert Cho is a food writer based in Auckland, New Zealand.
A former model, in 2018 he launched the Instagram account @eatlitfood which quickly exploded from a friends-only audience to international prominence with over 75K followers.
Albert has delighted readers everywhere with his hilarious, bitingly honest reviews and mouth-watering food photos, his culinary tours of Japan, Korea and China under the ELF banner on YouTube and, more recently, his yummy home-cooked lockdown recipes.
Albert’s voice is reminiscent of the best of those late, great food critics AA Gill, Jonathan Gold and Anthony Bourdain – that is, if any of them was more Korean, less straight and from Aotearoa.
Yet like them, Albert has experienced his share of highs and lows in this life, including sexual abuse, drug addiction and disordered eating.
Biting, pungent, salty and – yes – sweet, too, I Love My Stupid Life is his story.

Books by Albert Cho

I Love My Stupid Life

A life in food by Albert Cho, creator of @eatlitfood.

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