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Aishling Morgan

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Aishling Morgan is an established and popular author of erotic fiction, who lives in London and has authored over 70 erotic novels under three different names. She is the author of:

The Truscott Saga:
Demonic Congress
The Rake
Velvet Skin
Conceit and Consequence
The Old Perversity Shop
Beastly Behaviour
Portrait of a Disciplinarian.

The Nich Mordaunt Series
Deep Blue
Satan's Slut
Natural Desire, Strange Design
Cruel Shadow
Tempting the Goddess

The Cream Series:
Devon Cream
Peaches and Cream
Cream Tease

Scarlet Gothic Erotica:
Whipping Girl
Sin's Apprentice
Scarlet Vice

Fantasy Erotica Series :
Tiger, Tiger
Pleasure Toy

as well as the single titles:
Wenches, Witches, Strumpets
Most Buxom
Uniform Dolls