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Article  •  13 June 2024


Your Guide to the Penguin Authors at ABC RN's Big Weekend of Books

ABC RN’s Big Weekend of Books 2024 is almost here! Learn about the Penguin authors you can hear from.

ABC RN’s ‘on-air writers’ festival’, RN’s Big Weekend of Books, is almost here! Airing on June 15 and 16, the festival will feature a lineup of many incredible authors, each bringing their unique voice and storytelling to the event.

Here’s an insider’s guide to the Penguin authors you can expect to hear on-air.

Authors at ABC RN's Big Weekend of Books

Maurice and Maralyn Sophie Elmhirst

Sophie Elmhirst’s recently published book, Maurice and Maralyn, tells the extraordinary true tale of love, shipwreck and survival. Elmhirst will join Meredith Lake in an evocative conversation about marriage, survival, and the lives of two people who overcame being lost at sea.

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We Solve Murders Richard Osman

The mastermind behind the Thursday Murder Club series, Richard Osman, sits down with Hilary Harper to tease his highly anticipated upcoming book, We Solve Murders.  Listeners will get a sneak peek into the creative process that has captivated mystery lovers worldwide and get some early insight about the new book before it comes out in September.

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Change Edouard Louis

The transformative power of auto fiction is at the heart of Edouard Louis' work. In a compelling dialogue with Michaela Kalowski, Louis will touch on the power of revealing the unseen forces of class and racism through his narrative in Change: A Novel.

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Table For Two Amor Towles

From the enchanting A Gentleman in Moscow to the intriguing Table for Two, Amor Towles' conversation with Richard Glover will explore the inspiration behind his stories and the power of writing from a place of fascination.

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I Heard Her Call My Name Lucy Sante

Lucy Sante will speak about her memoir, I Heard Her Call My Name  in a disucssion with Ce Benedict about transitioning at age 67 and writing about it.

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My Friends Hisham Matar

In an intimate session with Cassie McCullagh, Hisham Matar’s Friends will become a canvas for a conversation about exile, the essence of friendship, and the search for belonging.

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Devil’s Kitchen Candice Fox

Delving into the mind of a crime writer, Candice Fox will talk with Michaela Kalowski about her new novel Devil's Kitchen. Fox will shed light on how she creates characters that resonate while touching on how crafting tales of crime brings a sense of order to her world.

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Everyone On This Train Is A Suspect Benjamin Stevenson

Benjamin Stevenson, author of Everyone on this Train is a Suspect, will speak with Stuart Turton about his unique approach to storytelling, subverting the crime genre, and the strange relationship between comedy and crime.

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There are Rivers in the Sky Elif Shafak

Bestselling author of The Island of Missing TreesElif Shafak, will speak about her upcoming novel, There Are Rivers in the Sky. In a conversation with Cassie McCullagh, Shafak weaves a tale connecting lives across time and space.

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The Hero of this Book Elizabeth McCracken

With Bernadette Brennan, Elizabeth McCracken will share her latest work, The Hero of this Book, offering her sharp perspective on paying homage to her remarkable mother while showcasing her own astute observations.

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Juice Tim Winton

Australia's literary treasure, Tim Winton, will speak with Claire Nichols about his new epic, Juice. The novel, coming in October, promises to explore the boundaries of human endurance and spirit. Listeners will get the first word from Tim himself.

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The Bee Sting Paul Murray

In a chat with Raf Epstein, Paul Murray's The Bee Sting will buzz to life as he discusses the voices that shape his characters and the spaces they inhabit.

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The Cook's Companion Stephanie Alexander

As a culinary icon, Stephanie Alexander AO has influenced Australia's food culture through her writing and the Stephanie Alexander Garden Foundation. Her session is a must for food lovers and aspiring chefs.

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Love Unleashed Melanie Saward

Did you like what you heard from Melanie Saward? Her upcoming romantic comedy, Love Unleashed, comes out in August. Featuring dogs, New York City and the adventure of a lifetime, it's a must-read for romance fans. 

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