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Article  •  26 March 2024


Natasha Swingler shares her #1 tip for starting your decluttering journey

We caught up with the creator behind @effectivespaces to learn about her upcoming book.

Known as @effectivespaces on Instagram, Natasha Swingler has gained over 5 million followers for the folding, wrapping and organisation tips she shares online.

But beyond social media, Natasha is about to share her first-ever book, full of practical advice and wisdom to help you on your decluttering journey. Coming 3 April 2024, Creating Effective Spaces is a must-have guide for making your home beautiful and functional.

Ahead of the book’s publication, we caught up with Natasha to learn more about what inspired her unique niche, what she thought of the publishing process and her passion for organisation.

Q&A with Natasha Swingler

What inspired your interest in decluttering/organisation?  

I believe everyone should be able to enjoy the benefits of having an effective space. If I can help people save time and money whilst providing mental clarity, increasing productivity and overall wellbeing, then surely that’s a win.

I made the choice to begin sharing my expertise online when Covid hit and my organising business came to a halt –  look where we are now. I invest my time in replying to individual requests on social media and am I’m incredibly thankful to be welcomed into so many homes and supported by a global community. That is something that I will never take for granted.

This is your debut book; what did you think of the publishing process?

It was a very seamless process for me. I think I got extremely lucky working with my literary agent and the incredibly talented team at DK UK.

I was often working on UK time which was sometimes challenging, but the end result has been incredibly rewarding.  I hope that people love reading Creating Effective Spaces as much as I have loved working on it.

How long does it usually take you to organise a space?

It varies, but usually the actual time spent organising is relatively swift. To create an effective space, however, you need to understand its purpose, how you'll use it and what's essential to you in that space. I implement my ‘Game Plan’ strategy for every space I work on to ensure it serves its intended purpose and functions well: the keys to having an effective space. I go into detail about this process in my book.

What is your favourite space to organise?

It's incredibly satisfying to transform a cluttered wardrobe into a well-organised one that reflects the owner's unique style and makes getting dressed a breeze. There are endless opportunities to maximise space, and helping someone achieve a clutter-free and stylish wardrobe that suits their needs and preferences is extremely rewarding. I also love organising kitchens, garages, toy rooms. Actually, give me all the spaces. I love them all.

Is there anything you dread organising – such as the infamous ‘junk drawer’?

Some organising projects certainly present unique challenges but I don't dread organising any specific space. I fully understand the benefits of having effective spaces, so I focus on the positive outcome rather than dreading the process.

You create such beautiful gift wrapping using simple techniques. How did you learn to wrap so well? 

Thank you! I've honed my gift-wrapping skills over the years through practice, experimentation and studying packaging methods! Gift wrapping is my creative outlet, and I love adding personal or artistic touches to every package.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start their decluttering journey but feels overwhelmed?

Always start small.

I know you have probably heard that a million times, but this next tip takes it one step further: start with a space that is small in size but used frequently (I provide examples in my book).  By doing this, you will feel the benefits of your organising immediately. 

If you start by organising a space that is used infrequently, then you will only feel the benefits of having organised sporadically. Starting with a small space that is used often will enable you to feel the benefits and motivate you to keep going. My book has a 28-day decluttering challenge to get you started.

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