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Article  •  9 February 2024


This journal is perfect for capturing your Eras Tour memories

Discover the unofficial Taylor Swift fan journal that’s perfect for memorialising your Eras Tour concert experience.

There’s no denying that Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour has been a cultural phenomenon.

The tour is projected to garner over USD 4 billion in ticket sales and has even been credited for boosting the US economy.

And the US isn’t the only one getting in on the action. Australia is also going down in Taylor history, with the Melbourne Cricket Ground being the biggest venue that Taylor Swift has ever performed in with its capacity of 100,000. With all the buzz, it’s understandable if you’ve caught the Taylor fever.

The editorial team at Penguin Random House (PRH) has been feeling the hype too. So much so that PRH published Blank Spaces: An Unofficial Taylor Swift Fan Journal in January. With the journal’s publication just before the Australian concerts in mid-February, Blank Spaces is the perfect way to get into the Swift spirit.

With fun prompts about Taylor’s music and your relationship to it, Blank Spaces will get you in the mood for the big event. Rank your favourite albums, explore Taylor’s lyrics and tap into your creativity as you think about the music that defines a generation.

After the concert, fans will also love pasting their photos into the journal and writing about their special memories from the night.

‘As a huge fan of Taylor Swift since the days of ‘Tim McGraw’ and ‘Our Song’, it was probably inevitable that I would one day publish a book for other obsessives,’ says Belinda, Head of Brands, Partnerships and Campaigns at PRH. ‘Using the wonderful creativity of our team, we created a fun prompt-filled book that we all want to fill out ourselves!’

And Taylor Swift fans couldn’t agree more.

‘I am 100% going to bring this journal to night 3, Melbourne!’ wrote @booksaboutem.

@emhodder also gave the book her seal of approval: ‘If you love journalling and Taylor Swift . . . this is a really fun fan thing I think everyone’s gonna love.’

Whether you’re going to one of Taylor’s Australian concerts or not, this journal is the perfect way to capture and cherish your special memories from the Eras tour. With plenty of space to add your own photos, doodles and feelings about the current worldwide Taylor obsession, you’ll look back on Blank Spaces for years to come with fond memories of the Eras tour and Taylor’s trip to Australia.

Some of the friendly faces who helped make Blank Spaces a reality


Belinda, Head of Brands, Partnerships and Campaigns

Being the publisher on this book meant that I came up with an editorial concept and rallied a team of other colleagues who could help contribute. My favourite era is Reputation. There will be no explanation. 

Caroline, Designer

As a designer, I helped with some of the brainstorming, cover design and internal pages. I also helped doodle some Taylor Swift-inspired illustrations that you'll see throughout the book. My favourite eras are Lover and 1989 – it's hard to choose, but it depends on my mood!




Jessica, Coordinator

I helped brainstorm ideas and tested some of the activities to ensure that everything made sense and was on track. It's hard to choose just one, but Lover is probably my favourite era because it reminds me of the Italian holiday I was on when it was released. 


Lydia, Insights Analyst & Project Developer

In my role, I typically work with publishers at the beginning stages of books. I often work closely with Belinda and we regularly chat about the latest Taylor Swift news. This project was a natural extension of these conversations! My favourite era is folklore because it captured so much of what I love about Taylor's music as a dedicated fan and lyric nerd. 



Melissa, Senior Editor

I stepped outside my usual editorial work to create the cover illustration for this journal. I'm going to cheat and pick two favourite eras: Red and 1989

Shané, Editor

I helped brainstorm content ideas and give feedback about cover directions, title options and prompts. Speak Now is my favourite era for sure – it's romantic, lyrical and fairy-tale-esque. 



Vishali, Editor

My work on Blank Spaces involved brainstorming prompts and conceptualising what the book would look like overall. This meant I also worked alongside our lovely designer and illustrator to come up with an eye-catching cover that would pop and shimmer on shelves. My favourite era has to be folklore. It was the album that made me appreciate Taylor's artistry so much more. 


Want to learn more? Sneak a peek inside the journal here.

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