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Article  •  12 January 2024


Love The Inheritance Games? Here are two more Jennifer Lynn Barnes books to read next

Check out two books, perfect for fans of The Inheritance games, YA mystery and One of Us is Lying.

You probably recognise Jennifer Lynn Barnes as the author of the much-loved Inheritance Games series. And while fans will likely know that her next Inheritance Games novel, The Grandest Game, comes out in August 2024, what you might not realise is that there is more great reading to be done while you wait for that one to drop.

This January, Jennifer’s Debutantes duology is about to be released with new covers. 

Fun and addictive, these unputdownable books will keep you busy until the next instalment in The Inheritance Games series.

Whether you typically read YA or reach for older titles, these books are sure to entertain anyone who likes TikTok books, high society scandals, debutant drama and a whole lot of scandal. Think: Pretty Little Liars meets The Summer I Turned Pretty.  

Two Jennifer Lynn Barnes books to read if you love The Inheritance Games

Little White Lies book cover.

Little White LiesJennifer Lynn Barnes

Like The Inheritance Games, this book begins with a mysterious bargain. When Sawyer’s estranged grandmother offers her a six-figure contract to take part in her town’s debutant season, her first reaction is to cringe. But apart from the money, the deal might also offer Sawyer the chance to figure out her father’s identity. While she expected makeovers and dresses, what she didn’t expect was to find a group of fellow debutantes with dangerous secrets of their own. Turns out, the mystery of her father is just one of many shocking secrets that this high-society world is hiding.


Deadly Little Scandals book cover.

Deadly Little Scandals, Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Deadly Little Scandals picks up where Little White Lies left off, as Swayer continues to struggle to unbury her family’s secrets. The answers she found during her debutant year only left her with more questions – and a massive secret. When her cousin Lily invites Sawyer to an elite secret society called the White Gloves, Sawyer might get the chance to connect with someone who has had the answers all along. Will a disturbing discovery ruin her chances of finding out the truth?


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Featured Titles

Little White Lies
Welcome to the twisty, gasp-inducing world of the Debutantes - an addictive YA mystery duology from the author of #1 bestselling, TikTok sensation Inheritance Games series.
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Deadly Little Scandals
The second book in the twisty, gasp-inducing Debutantes duology - an addictive YA mystery from the author of #1 bestselling, TikTok sensation Inheritance Games series.
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