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Article  •  12 April 2023


QUIZ: Which Bergman Brothers sibling are you?

Find out which sibling you're most like from Chloe Liese's 'Bergman Brothers' series.

Bergman Brothers is a series of standalone novels, all about a family of seven siblings who are searching for their happily ever after. With each novel focusing on one of the siblings, reading the series will leave you feeling invested in each and every one of the five Bergman brothers and their two sisters.

Whether you’ve read one, none or all of the books – you might enjoy finding out which sibling you’re most like. Take the quiz below to find out if you’re a sensitive soul like Ren, a closed book like Axel, or somewhere in between.


Featured Titles

Only When It's Us
Book one in the seven book series 'Bergman Brothers' by Chloe Liese.
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Always Only You
Book two in the seven book series 'Bergman Brothers' by Chloe Liese.
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Ever After Always
Book three in the seven book series 'Bergman Brothers' by Chloe Liese.
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With You Forever
Book four in the seven book series 'Bergman Brothers' by Chloe Liese.
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Everything for You
Book fifth in the seven book series 'Bergman Brothers' by Chloe Liese.
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If Only You
The highly anticipated book six in the Bergman Brothers series - a Booktok favourite!
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