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Article  •  7 December 2022


Quiz: Which Ratbags character are you?

Find out which character you’re most like from Tim Harris and Shiloh Gordon’s fun new children’s series, Ratbags.

Ratbags 1: Naughty for Good is the first book in a fun new children’s series all about – you guessed it – rats! Written by Tim Harris and illustrated by Shiloh Gordon, Ratbags is an illustration-heavy series for young readers that explores big themes while still being fun. Telling stories of friendship, right versus wrong, and the power of being yourself, these books are just as meaningful as they are hilarious.

While the plot and jokes are undeniably great, it’s the characters that really make this series amazing. Quirky, funny and one-of-a-kind, the characters between the pages of Ratbags are like none you’ve seen before.

To get a hint of what you can expect, take this fun quiz to see which Ratbags 1: Naughty for Good character you’re most like. . . you might just have to read the book to discover if your result is accurate!


Learn more about Ratbags 1: Naughty for Good in this interview with the author and illustrator.

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Ratbags 1: Naughty for Good
The fun new series you don't want to miss! From award-winning bestselling author and funnyman, Tim Harris, comes this stupendously rat-tastic new series. These are the Ratbags. They have pizza, and they are NOT afraid to use it.
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