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Article  •  30 March 2020


Reading: not cancelled

Simple ways you can stock up on books – no panic buying required.

1. Shop local
Give your local store a call, send an email and/or check out their website. Many bookstores are closing their doors to browsing customers but can still offer click-and-collect, payment over the phone, online purchasing or free delivery. And, even from an appropriate distance, your local bookshop is still the best place to get a recommendation on your next great read. Find out more in this helpful article right here.

2. Order online
Support your local (or favourite) bookshop, or select from an online retailer. Next to every book on our website, you’ll notice handy little buttons that allow you to pick your preferred format (hardback, paperback, ebook or audiobook) and choose from a list of potential stockists. Get clicky!

3. Embrace ebooks
Download an ebook and you never have to experience abibliophobia (fear of running out of reading material) again. Nifty devices allow you to carry thousands and thousands of books in your pocket – like magic! Grab your preferred gadget and start building your ebook library. For starters, try:

If you need help, ask a tech-savvy friend or check out this article.

4. Tune into audiobooks
Take housework, workouts and outdoor solo time to a whole new level with audiobooks. To get on top of your reading wish list while also getting stuff done, try:

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