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Activity  •  4 November 2019


The Starless Sea quiz

Are you an Acolyte, a Guardian or a Keeper? Take this quiz to find out!

1. At a party, you can be found…

a. ...at the centre of the room, entertaining everyone. It’s probably your party.

b. ...listening and observing. You’re more of a wallflower. You can be found curled up in the corner, listening to someone spilling their heart out.

c. ...off on your own adventure. You left the party twenty minutes ago... or you’re looking after a friend who has gone haywire, making sure they don’t get hurt.

2. What is your favourite kind of story?

a. Anything, as long as I’m telling it.

b. Anything, as long as it’s memorable.

c. Anything, as long as it’s action-packed.

3. How do you react to an emergency?

a. You’ve already planned for it. You’re prepared and have everything you need. Wet-wipes? Check. Snacks? Check. A multi-tool kit with twenty-seven different uses? Absolutely, check.

b. You’re frozen: you tend to watch with horror as the events unfold, unable to speak… but at least you are there.

c. Creatively! You’ll knot together bed-sheets if you have to.

4. As a child, you were…

a. ...a bit of a performer. You were in all the shows, had lots of friends, and told the best jokes.

b. ...shy and quiet but pretty dedicated. Maybe you practised the piano every day or always did your homework on time. Whatever it was, if you loved it, you were bound to do it well.

c. ...rough and tumble. You were always running into danger, but for good reason! Your friends knew you’d be by their side no matter what.

5. You could never give up…

a. ...your voice.

b. ...your dedication.

c. ...your beliefs.


How did you respond?

Mostly As – You’re a Keeper!

‘Keepers must have spirit and keep it aloft’

Keepers are represented by the key, and are born performers. If you didn’t want to be an actor as a child, you probably wanted to be a singer or comedian, happy to learn your lines by heart and imbue them with life. When you speak, people listen, which comes in handy, because the Keeper’s role is looking after the stories, understanding them and making sure people hear them. They’re also great at being prepared for anything! If you’re ever hungry, ask a Keeper: they are certain to have a snack handy, or at least know where to get one. The downside of this is that you’re a bit of a hoarder. But then, there is a reason the Underground Library is hundreds of miles deep…

Mostly Bs – You’re an Acolyte!

You’re quiet, and more of a listener than a talker, which is a good thing if you’re an Acolyte, who commonly have their tongues cut out to show their dedication… They must also spend a full cycle of the moon in isolated contemplation before they commit to their path. Defined by a love of stories, you’re selfless, kind and humble, withholding your stories in reverence to others. Your friends would call you sweet as honey, which is appropriate, because the acolytes are represented by the bee.

Mostly Cs – You’re a Guardian!

Represented by the sword, Guardians protect important books. They are known for their worthiness. They are honest, genuine and loyal. They can, and do, look like anyone; they must go unnoticed to avoid being spotted by people who would put the books in harm’s way. They are creative too, inventing solutions on the spot to the problems they encounter. A Guardian would go to the ends of the Earth (sometimes literally) to protect what they believe in – even if that puts them in great danger…

The Starless Sea Erin Morgenstern

The magical new bestseller from the author of The Night Circus

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Buy now

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