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The Quiet Spectacular
The Quiet Spectacular Laurence Fearnley
Funny and moving, Laurence Fearnley's new novel subverts notions of 'man vs wild' while showcasing female experience through encounters with family, friends and the natural world.
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Parang Omar Musa
Parang is the second collection of poetry from former Australian Poetry Slam winner Omar Musa. Written over four years, the collection explores Malaysian jungles, dark Australian streets, and dreams.
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False River
False River Paula Morris
Superb writing from a fiercely intelligent writer in the vanguard of New Zealand literature.
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Lydia Bradey: Going Up Is Easy
Lydia Bradey: Going Up Is Easy Laurence Fearnley
Provocative, stirring, and beautifully co-written by novelist Laurence Fearnley, Lydia Bradey: Going Up is Easy is the story of how one woman took on the mountaineering world and won.
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No.8 Re-charged
No.8 Re-charged David Downs, Michelle Dickinson
A follow-up title to the hugely successful No. 8 Re-wired.
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Millefiori Omar Musa
'Omar Musa writes hard, beautiful poems about things that are true.' - Kate Tempest
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The Man Who Would Not See
The Man Who Would Not See Rajorshi Chakraborti
An intriguing novel set in India and New Zealand; the past and the present . . .
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Helen and the Go-Go Ninjas
Helen and the Go-Go Ninjas Ant Sang, Michael Bennett
Eco-warrior Helen holds the keys to save the world in this multi-layered, award-winning dystopian graphic novel.
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