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To Kill A Mockingbird
To Kill A Mockingbird Harper Lee
The bestselling, Pulitzer prize-winning classic.
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Mindhunter John Douglas, Mark Olshaker
Mindhunter is a real-life, fascinating insight into the life of a FBI Special Agent, and the minds of the psychologically disturbed serial killers he hunts.
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Patrick O'Brian Nikolai Tolstoy
The definitive account of the early life of the revered author of the Jack Aubrey and Stephen Maturin novels.
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On Men
On Men Anthony Clare
Acclaimed new book on masculinity from Ireland's and Britain's most popular psychiatrist
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Reflections On A Summer Sea
Reflections On A Summer Sea Trevor Norton
A sensitive, funny and poetic story of love, friendship and marine biology.
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The Agony And The Ecstasy
The Agony And The Ecstasy Irving Stone
The classic biographical novel of Michelangelo.
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Among The Thugs
Among The Thugs Bill Buford
Before Running with the Firm came Among the Thugs - the bestselling classic account of football violence in English football.
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The Sign And The Seal
The Sign And The Seal Graham Hancock
This book shatters the greatest secret of the last 3000 years
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Keeper Of Genesis
Keeper Of Genesis Robert Bauval, Graham Hancock
A quest for the hidden legacy of mankind
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Lust For Life
Lust For Life Irving Stone
The Classic Fictional Biography of Vincent Van Gogh
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Trance State
Trance State John Case
A relentlessly paced thriller in which nothing is what it seems, no one can be trusted, and nothing is secure - especially one's own memory
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The Eighth Day
The Eighth Day John Case
A breathtaking international conspiracy thriller - A Manchurian Candidate for the new age
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The Patient's Eyes
The Patient's Eyes David Pirie
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The Night Calls
The Night Calls David Pirie
The second novel in the electrifying MURDER ROOMS cycle.
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The Dark Water
The Dark Water David Pirie
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Gagged Richard Asplin
The hilarious new novel from the acclaimed author of T-Shirt and Genes.
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The Riddle Of St Leonard's
The Riddle Of St Leonard's Candace Robb
The fifth novel in the acclaimed Owen Archer Series
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The Lady Chapel Candace Robb
The second novel in the acclaimed Owen Archer Series
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The Fiend In Human John Maclachlan Gray
THE FIEND IN HUMAN is a dazzling evocation of crime in Victorian London, reminiscent of Dickens and of modern classics such as THE ALIENIST.
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The Seashell On The Mountaintop Alan Cutler
The extraordinary story of the 17th century Danish geologist Steno, who was the first man to claim that the earth must be older than the Bible claimed, forever changing Western civilisation's ideas of time and undermining biblical authority, yet ended his life a Catholic bishop.
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Sword Of Honour
Sword Of Honour Alexander Kent
Another thrilling Bolitho adventure!
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Friday's Child
Friday's Child Georgette Heyer
One of best-known and most beloved historical novelists will capture a whole new audience in a stunning repackage.
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King's Bishop
King's Bishop Candace Robb
The fourth Owen Archer Mystery - a gripping read
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Shooting At The Stars Linda Taylor
A sparkling romantic comedy which will appeal to all fans of Maeve Haran
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