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The Pretty Girl Killer
The Pretty Girl Killer Andrew Byrne
The complete true story of one of the world’s most horrifying serial killers, who terrorised both Australia and America
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Bowraville Dan Box
From the creator of the Walkley Award-winning podcast comes the story of a small Australian town, the murders of three children and a desperate fight for justice.
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Certain Admissions: A Beach, a Body and a Lifetime of Secrets
Certain Admissions: A Beach, a Body and a Lifetime of Secrets Gideon Haigh
Certain Admissions is stranger than any crime fiction. It is real-life police procedural, courtroom drama, family saga, investigative journalism, social history, archival treasure hunt - a meditation, too, on how the past shapes the present, and the present the past.
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The Stoccos
The Stoccos Nino Bucci
A true-crime book about the exploits of the notorious Stoccos, father Gino and son Mark, whose eight-year crime spree ended in 2015 when they were dramatically captured in rural NSW and charged with an array of offences – including murder.
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Loose Units
Loose Units Paul F. Verhoeven
Part father-son story, part true crime, Loose Units is a race through the underbelly of policing as ex-cop John Verhoeven tells all to his son Paul about the crimes, the characters and the pitch-black humour.
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The Doctor's Wife Is Dead
The Doctor's Wife Is Dead Andrew Tierney
The remarkable true story of a gripping murder trial - and of the strange marriage that gave rise to it.
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The Cartel
The Cartel Stephen Breen
The shocking, revealing and violent story of Ireland's first ever international crime family.
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City of Devils
City of Devils Paul French
A spellbinding and dramatic account of Shanghai's lawless 1930s and two of its most notorious criminals, by the author of the prize winning Midnight in Peking.
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Murder by the Book
Murder by the Book Claire Harman
A gripping investigation into the crime that scandalized literary London, from Dickens to Thackeray.
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