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Mindhunter John Douglas, Mark Olshaker
Mindhunter is a real-life, fascinating insight into the life of a FBI Special Agent, and the minds of the psychologically disturbed serial killers he hunts.
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Breaking Vegas
Breaking Vegas Ben Mezrich
The book Vegas doesn't want you to read... Another page-turning true story of the underbelly of Las Vegas from Ben Mezrich, a successor to his bestselling Bringing Down the House.
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The Innocent Man
The Innocent Man John Grisham
Murder and injustice in a Small Town
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Notorious John Pearson
Britain's greatest true crime writer writes the definitive biography of the Kray twins.
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Kidnapped Stanley N Alpert
The remarkable account of a federal prosecutor’s kidnapping, the psychological duel and investigation that followed – a riveting story of human resilience: vivid, funny, terrifying, profane, true.
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The Murder of King Tut
The Murder of King Tut James Patterson
Master of suspense James Patterson re-opens the ultimate cold case - the unsolved death of Tutankhamen.
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Capital Crimes
Capital Crimes Max Decharne
Twenty notorious London murders; a history of the city and its underbelly
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One Of The Family John Pearson
The inside story of the first Englishman to be accepted by leading crime families in America
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Killing For Company
Killing For Company Brian Masters
'Probably the best thing of its kind since In Cold Blood...a classic study in criminal mentality' Colin Wilson, Yorkshire Post
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At The Devil's Table
At The Devil's Table William C. Rempel
The untold story of the man who risked everything to take down the world's largest drug cartel.
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Sex on the Moon
Sex on the Moon Ben Mezrich
Ocean’s Eleven meets A Beautiful Mind…Sex on The Moon is the amazing true story of the 25-year-old genius who pulled off one of the most unique and significant heists in US history
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Bringing Down The House
Bringing Down The House Ben Mezrich
A gripping real-life thriller, which tells the story of a brilliant team of MIT students who won millions at the gambling tables of Las Vegas. ‘Ocean's Eleven’, but for real.
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Helter Skelter
Helter Skelter Vincent Bugliosi, Curt Gentry
The true story behind the most infamous mass murder case ever and its perpetrator, the notorious criminal Charles Manson.
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Silent Witnesses
Silent Witnesses Nigel McCrery
A gripping history of forensic science by the creator of the BBC series Silent Witness
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The Criminal Conversation of Mrs Norton
The Criminal Conversation of Mrs Norton Diane Atkinson
The extraordinary story of the first campaigner for women's rights in the legal system
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A-Z of Hell: Ross Kemp’s How Not to Travel the World
A-Z of Hell: Ross Kemp’s How Not to Travel the World Ross Kemp
This is not one hell of a travel guide. This is a travel guide to hell.
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Frenzy! Neil Root
Three notorious serial killers. The press out of control. Police with their hands in the till. Judges and judiciary more concerned about private clubs and public image than the law. Sounds like a thriller? It is and it's all true.
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The Last Gangster
The Last Gangster Charlie Richardson
Charlie Richardson, one of Britain's most notorious gangland bosses and rival to East End twins the Krays, sheds light on his extraordinary life story completed just weeks before his death in September 2012.
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Straight Flush
Straight Flush Ben Mezrich
The New York Times bestselling author of The Accidental Billionaires and Bringing Down the House returns with the larger-than-life true tale of a group of hard-partying frat brothers who built a multi-billion-dollar on-line poker colossus – and what happened when the Feds shut down their operation, sending them on the run.
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The Slave Across the Street
The Slave Across the Street Theresa Flores
The chilling yet ultimately inspirational true story of how a 15-year-old teenager escaped the world of human trafficking
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Once Upon a Time in Russia
Once Upon a Time in Russia Ben Mezrich
A gripping and shocking insight into the lives of Russia’s most famous oligarchs from New York Times bestselling author of The Accidental Billionaires and Bringing Down the House.
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Inside Alcatraz
Inside Alcatraz Jim Quillen
One man's account of life inside Alcatraz, from desperation to redemption.
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One of the Family
One of the Family Maureen Flanagan
The true life story of two women, Maureen 'Flan' Flanagan and her best friend Violet Kray, whose influence strongly shaped the lives of Ronnie and Reggie Kray.
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