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Overboard - The Stories Cruise Lines Don't Want Told
Overboard - The Stories Cruise Lines Don't Want Told Gwyn Topham
A cruise was once the trip of a lifetime: a byword for refinement, luxury, romance, the millionaire lifestyle but no longer.
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Spain by the Horns
Spain by the Horns Tim Elliott
A trip to the heart of the world’s most colourful nation - Spain.
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Confessions of a Qantas Flight Attendant
Confessions of a Qantas Flight Attendant Owen Beddall, Libby Harkness
Want to know what really goes on on an aeroplane? Let's go behind the scenes and fly high with these tall tales and gossip from the galley!
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Lost In Transmission
Lost In Transmission Jonathan Harley
A funny and moving memoir of a young journalist on a mission to make sense of life in a part of the world that never makes sense...
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What Days Are For
What Days Are For Robert Dessaix
Witty, acerbic, insightful musings from Robert Dessaix, one of Australia's finest writers.
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Eat First, Talk Later
Eat First, Talk Later Beth Yahp
A dazzling memoir from a talented Malaysian writer about family and home, and a searing portrait of the country of her birth.
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The Red Wake
The Red Wake Kurt Johnson
A hybrid of history, travel and journalism.
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Merde Happens
Merde Happens Stephen Clarke
Q: What happens when an Englishman, an American, and a French woman drive across America in a Mini? A: Merde Happens ...
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Under The Tuscan Sun
Under The Tuscan Sun Frances Mayes
With a new afterword from the Bard of Tuscany herself, this 20th anniversary edition of Frances Mayes' timeless travel classic, Under the Tuscan Sun, brings readers up-to-date with the book’s most beloved characters.
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Bella Tuscany
Bella Tuscany Frances Mayes
Frances Mayes, whose enchanting international bestseller Under the Tuscan Sun made the world fall in love with Tuscany, invites us back for a delightful new season of friendship, festivity and food.
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Without Reservations
Without Reservations Alice Steinbach
Without Reservations is about a woman's dream come true – taking a year off to travel the world and rediscover what it is like to be an independent woman, without ties and without reservations.
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The Travel Book
The Travel Book Lisa Allen
Everything you need to know before you hit wotif.com or call the travel agent. Why risk being ripped off?
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American Journeys
American Journeys Don Watson
A superb book about Don Watson's journeys around America. Featured as one of Newsweek’s 50 ‘What to Read Now and Why’ titles.
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Adventures In Caravanastan
Adventures In Caravanastan Greg Bearup
One car, one caravan, one kid, one continent... Around Australia at eighty kays.
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90 Day Geisha
90 Day Geisha Chelsea Haywood
This is the true story of one girl's immersion in the world of hostessing, a late-night entertainment for wealthy Japanese men drawn from the traditional institution of the geisha
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Otherland Maria Tumarkin
When the past is another country, one that no longer exists.
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Tell Them to Get Lost
Tell Them to Get Lost Brian Thacker
Travels with the Lonely Planet guidebook that started it all.
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Adventures in Correspondentland
Adventures in Correspondentland Nick Bryant
Adventures in Correspondentland is part memoir, part travelogue, and part polemic. More than anything else however it is the inside story of the dangers, delights and diversions of "Correspondentland".
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Almost French
Almost French Sarah Turnbull
Before Eat, Pray, Love there was Almost French.
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Holy Cow! An Indian Adventure
Holy Cow! An Indian Adventure Sarah MacDonald
A rollercoaster ride through a land of chaos and contradiction with a woman on a mission to save her soul, her love life - and her sanity.
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Route 66 Ad
Route 66 Ad Tony Perrottet
Bill Bryson meets 'Gladiator' as a modern-day couple goes on the trail of Ancient Roman tourists from Italy through Greece, Turkey and Egypt in this hugely entertaining, witty travel book.
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The Bolivian Times
The Bolivian Times Tim Elliott
Fascinating journey through Bolivia.
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Absolutely Faking It
Absolutely Faking It Tiana Templeman
Thirteen luxury hotels, five months... no money.
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