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Swahili For The Broken-Hearted
Swahili For The Broken-Hearted Peter Moore
The Jim Carrey of travel writing is off again on a death-defying and hilarious journey through darkest Africa …
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The Wrong Way Home
The Wrong Way Home Peter Moore
'… a perceptive, subversive and hilarious book.' SYDNEY MORNING HERALD
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Lost In Transmission
Lost In Transmission Jonathan Harley
A funny and moving memoir of a young journalist on a mission to make sense of life in a part of the world that never makes sense...
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Without Reservations
Without Reservations Alice Steinbach
Without Reservations is about a woman's dream come true – taking a year off to travel the world and rediscover what it is like to be an independent woman, without ties and without reservations.
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Adventures in Correspondentland
Adventures in Correspondentland Nick Bryant
Adventures in Correspondentland is part memoir, part travelogue, and part polemic. More than anything else however it is the inside story of the dangers, delights and diversions of "Correspondentland".
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Almost French
Almost French Sarah Turnbull
Before Eat, Pray, Love there was Almost French.
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Take Me With You
Take Me With You Sarah MacDonald
Share the delirious highs and lows of long distance love with some of Australia's most intrepid romantics, led by the bestselling author of HOLY COW!
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Come Away With Me
Come Away With Me Sarah MacDonald
Led by the bestselling author of HOLY COW!, come away with some of Australia’s most intrepid adventurers on a first-class trip around the world.
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Vroom With A View
Vroom With A View Peter Moore
He was an Australian author approaching forty. She was a fading Italian beauty from the sixties. They spent an unforgettable summer together, a magical road trip from Milan to Rome. Only one thing stood in the way of perfect love - Sophia was a motor scooter.
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Holy Cow! An Indian Adventure
Holy Cow! An Indian Adventure Sarah MacDonald
A rollercoaster ride through a land of chaos and contradiction with a woman on a mission to save her soul, her love life - and her sanity.
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Vroom By The Sea
Vroom By The Sea Peter Moore
Peter Moore is back to what he does best. Indulging his heart's desire, alone, and on the road!
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F. Scott, Ernest And Me
F. Scott, Ernest And Me Tony Davis
'The unpublished novelist arrived in Paris in April 1995 fully aware that if he was going to be one of the giants of 20th-century literature he didn't have much time…'
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Absolutely Faking It
Absolutely Faking It Tiana Templeman
Thirteen luxury hotels, five months... no money.
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