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The Fatal Shore
The Fatal Shore Robert Hughes
'An extraordinary vivid yet authentic account of the birthpangs of a nation. A work of real distinction' Philip Ziegler
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The Rings of Saturn
The Rings of Saturn W.G. Sebald
VINTAGE VOYAGES: A world of journeys, from the tallest mountains to the depths of the mind
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Icebreaker Horatio Clare
Bestselling travel writer Horatio Clare joins an icebreaker for a voyage through the ice-packs of the far north
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Green Hills Of Africa
Green Hills Of Africa Ernest Hemingway
'In a class by itself-the country, at all hours shines bright and clear in these pages' Daily Telegraph
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The Heart Of The World
The Heart Of The World Nik Cohn
A totally unique account of travelling the length of Broadway, brilliantly evoking both its magic and its darker side, from the author of Awopbopaloobop Awopbamboom.
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The Way of a Ship
The Way of a Ship Derek Lundy
A square- rigger voyage in the last days of sail
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The Gentleman In The Parlour
The Gentleman In The Parlour W. Somerset Maugham
W. Somerset Maughams' absorbing account of his journey from Rangoon to Haiphong
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Pasquale's Nose
Pasquale's Nose Michael Rips
A sharply flavoured, eccentric and entertaining travel memoir which does for the southern Italian town of Sutri what Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil did for Savannah (without the murder) -makes you want to go straight there, or better still stay at home and read about it!
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A Walk With A White Bushman
A Walk With A White Bushman Laurens Van Der Post
A Walk with a White Bushman offers a tempting preamble to many longer explorations. For those who have, it offers the kind of renewed inspiration of which there can never be too much.
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Venture To The Interior
Venture To The Interior Laurens Van Der Post
An account of a journey on foot across the mountains to the two lost worlds of Central Africa
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The Heart Of The Hunter
The Heart Of The Hunter Laurens Van Der Post
The moving sequel to The Lost World of the Kalahari
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The Lost World Of The Kalahari
The Lost World Of The Kalahari Laurens Van Der Post
In this enthralling book van der Post establishes his role as a distinguished explorer and writer describing the rediscovery of the Bushmen, outcast survivors from Stone Age Africa.
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Cherry Sara Wheeler
Apsley Cherry-Garrard (1886-1959) was one of the youngest members of Captain Scott's final expedition to the Antarctic. Cherry undertook an epic journey in the Antarctic winter to collect the eggs of the Emperor penguin. The temperature fell to seventy below, it was dark all the time, his teeth shattered in the cold and the tent blew away. 'But we kept our tempers,' Cherry wrote, 'even with God.'
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Bread And Ashes
Bread And Ashes Tony Anderson
'A remarkable book... His prose is so vivid that you can see and feel the landscapes' Independent
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Vertigo W.G. Sebald
'One of the most original voices to have come from Europe in recent years' Paul Auster
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After The Dance
After The Dance Edwidge Danticat
Author of the bestselling Breath, Eyes, Memory
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Fugitives and Refugees
Fugitives and Refugees Chuck Palahniuk
By the Author of Fight Club
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On The Wing
On The Wing Alan Tennant
An epic story about birds of prey, the American landscape, and man’s dreams of flight. The New York Times Bestseller.
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A Rose For Winter
A Rose For Winter Laurie Lee
'He writes like an angel, and conveys the pride and vitality of the humblest Spanish life with unfailing sharpness, zest and humour' SUNDAY TIMES
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The Great Psychedelic Armadillo Picnic
The Great Psychedelic Armadillo Picnic Kinky Friedman
An unconventional travel guide to city of Austin, by best-selling mystery author, humorist and performer, Kinky Friedman.
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