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Triumph And Tragedy In Mudville
Triumph And Tragedy In Mudville Stephen Jay Gould
Science meets sport in this vibrant collection of baseball essays but the late evolutionary biologist.
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I'm A Little Special
I'm A Little Special Gerald Early
'The Muhammad Ali Reader is the greatest. I advise all my fans to read it' - Muhammad Ali
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Extra Time
Extra Time Kevin Sampson
Kevin Sampson goes on the record with this sharp, perceptive and very funny account of a stretch in his life-sentence as a football fan
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The Longest Silence
The Longest Silence Thomas McGuane
This book was published in hardback to the most amazing reviews. Widely hailed as one of the best fishing books to be published in the last decade The Longest Silence is a book that has firmly established a place for itself amongst the classics of the genre
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Somewhere Else Charles Rangeley-Wilson
A beautifully crafted, darkly humorous collection of fly-fishing stories destined to become, like Thomas McGuane's The Longest Silence, a classic of the genre.
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The Beautiful Game?
The Beautiful Game? David Conn
A powerful, passionate exploration of a game in turmoil
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Keeper of Dreams
Keeper of Dreams Ronald Reng
By far the best soccer autobiography of the year.' Frank Keating, Guardian
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Stand Up And Fight
Stand Up And Fight Alan English
The true story of one of the greatest days in rugby history; now includes a new foreword by Paul O'Connell
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Who's Your Caddy?
Who's Your Caddy? Rick Reilly
Fantastic new book from Sports Illustrated's most respected journalist, charting one man's experience caddying for the great, near great and reprobates of golf.
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Jacobs Beach
Jacobs Beach Kevin Mitchell
Nominated for the top Sports Book awards, this is the gripping tale of boxing's golden age when the mob held as much sway in the ring as the fighters, from award-winning writer, Kevin Mitchell
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The Hour
The Hour Michael Hutchinson
The story of the only cycling records that matters, by one of our cleverest, funniest new writers
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On The Corinthian Spirit
On The Corinthian Spirit D J Taylor
A fascinating study of a bygone era: the rise and fall of amateur sportsmen
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All For A Few Perfect Waves
All For A Few Perfect Waves David Rensin
The first biography of legendary surf hero, Miki 'Da Cat' Dora - The greatest surf story never told.
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Insatiable Jason Fagone
An hilarious and incisive look in the weird world of competitive eating, and through it, an America that regards excess as a right.
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The Master of Go
The Master of Go Yasunari Kawabata
A haunting, elegiac work from Yasunari Kawabata, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature.
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The Accidental Angler
The Accidental Angler Charles Rangeley-Wilson
The breakthrough book by one of the country's finest fishing and travel writers, accompanying a new primetime BBC2 TV series
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Union Jock
Union Jock Aidan Smith
Can a Scotsman ever support the Auld Enemy? Find out in Aidan Smith's brilliantly funny new history of a centuries-old rivalry.
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The Years of the Locust
The Years of the Locust Jon Hotten
A remarkable true-crime story of intrigue, violence and two men who never should have met.
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The Last Champion
The Last Champion Jon Henderson
The William Hill longlisted first biography of Britain's greatest tennis player
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The Happiest Man in the World
The Happiest Man in the World Alec Wilkinson
Critically acclaimed New Yorker contributor Alec Wilkinson's sixth major work of non-fiction and his most charming subject yet: eccentric hero Poppa Neutrino.
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The Wave
The Wave Susan Casey
Colossal rogue waves are nature's most deadly new phenomena - meet the obsessed super surfers and sceintists who dare to cross their path.
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Players Tim Harris
The men, women and animals who created the world of sport - a companion piece to the superlative Sport: Almost Everything You Ever Wanted to Know
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The Grudge
The Grudge Tom English
The gripping inside story of the 1990 Calcutta Cup - when an England-Scotland rugby match became more than a game.
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