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The Arsonist
The Arsonist Chloe Hooper
On the day that became known as Black Saturday, one man deliberately lit two fires near the small town of Churchill, Gippsland, then sat on the roof of his house and watched the flames. The Arsonist, by the acclaimed author of The Tall Man, is the story of that man, the fire he lit, and the people who were killed.
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The Infinite Game
The Infinite Game Simon Sinek
Why do some businesses achieve long-lasting success and others don't?
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Stasiland Anna Funder
Anna Funder’s Samuel Johnson Prize-winning Stasiland is an Australian classic, the definitive account of tyranny and resistance in the former East Germany.
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My Story
My Story Julia Gillard
'I was prime minister for three years and three days.Three years and three days of resilience.Three years and three days of changing the nation.Three years and three days for you to judge.'
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The Pleasures of Leisure
The Pleasures of Leisure Robert Dessaix
'To play is to be master of your time': Robert Dessaix’s guide to work and play in the twenty-first century.
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Up a Hollow Log
Up a Hollow Log R.M. Winn
In this third collection of true tales, animals rather than people take centre stage.
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The Good Doctor
The Good Doctor Lance O'Sullivan
The Good Doctor is the inspirational life story of Dr Lance O'Sullivan, the man who stood up to help those most in need when no one else would.
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The Penguin Book of New Zealand War Writing
The Penguin Book of New Zealand War Writing Harry Ricketts, Gavin McLean
A rich interplay of different kinds of writing about different kinds of war, from early pre-colonial conflicts through to the World Wars, Korea and Afghanistan.
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Ettie Rout: New Zealand's safer sex pioneer
Ettie Rout: New Zealand's safer sex pioneer Jane Tolerton
Jane Tolerton's Ettie Rout: New Zealand's safer sex pioneer honours an irreverent, heroic figure of the New Zealand World War One story. A safe-sex campaigner ahead of her time.
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Choosing Openness: A Lowy Institute Paper: Penguin Special
Choosing Openness: A Lowy Institute Paper: Penguin Special Andrew Leigh
Timely, compelling and essential: why, as the world closes up, Australia’s economy and society must remain open, by economist and Shadow Assistant Treasurer Andrew Leigh
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Franklin D. Roosevelt
Franklin D. Roosevelt Robert Dallek
A superb one-volume biography by the Number One New York Times bestselling biographer of JFK, explaining Roosevelt's career as an incomparable politician, deal-maker and uniter.
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Excellent Daughters
Excellent Daughters Katherine Zoepf
For more than a decade, Katherine Zoepf has lived in or traveled throughout the Arab world, reporting on the lives of women, whose role in the region has never been more in flux.
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A World in Disarray
A World in Disarray Richard Haass
An examination of a world increasingly defined by disorder and a United States unable to shape the world in its image, from the president of the Council on Foreign Relations.
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The Dangerous Art of Blending In
The Dangerous Art of Blending In Angelo Surmelis
Especially poignant for teens facing the challenge of their emerging sexuality and self, this is also a brave, heartfelt and uplifting text for any person, young or old, combatting prejudice against same-sex relationships. This story also addresses domestic abuse - of parent to child - and the challenge of culture/religious clashes in society.
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The Football Solution
The Football Solution George Megalogenis
In a characteristically sweeping and entertaining story, George Megalogenis reveals how football has been shaped by the nation that invented it and how the game we love, in turn, might help resolve Australia’s political impasse.
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Remaking the Middle East
Remaking the Middle East Anthony Bubalo
A discussion of the problems and possible solutions to turmoil in the Middle East, from prominent political commentator Anthony Bubalo.
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The Big Questions
The Big Questions Various Authors
Just where is New Zealand headed? How will our future shape up? Will we be okay?
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The Assault On Intelligence
The Assault On Intelligence Michael V. Hayden
The Assault on Intelligence shows us what they are, reveals how crippled we've become in our capacity to address them, and points toward a series of effective responses. Because when we lose our intelligence, literally and figuratively, democracy dies.
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Pale Horse Rider
Pale Horse Rider Mark Jacobson
In Pale Horse Rider, journalist Mark Jacobson not only tells the story of Cooper’s fascinating life but also provides the social and political context for American paranoia. Indeed, with the present NSA situation and countless other shadowy government dealings often in the news, aren’t we right to suspect that things may not be as they seem?
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Storm Lake
Storm Lake Art Cullen
From a 2017 Pulitzer-winning newspaperman, an unsentimental ode to America's heartland as seen in small-town Iowa-a story of reinvention and resilience, environmental and economic struggle, and surprising diversity and hope.
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Seize the Fire
Seize the Fire Richard Flanagan
In Seize the Fire, Richard Flanagan argues that Australia is not a fixed entity, but a molten idea – a country with a future that is ours to shape and ours to dream anew.
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America vs the West
America vs the West Kori Schake
Under President Donald Trump, the United States has burned like a wildfire through the goodwill it accrued in seventy years of propagating its liberal political values. Can Western nations preserve the liberal world order against rising authoritarian powers without the United States, or with Washington working against them?
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West Wingers
West Wingers Gautam Raghavan
The Obama White House staff invites us behind-the-scenes of history for a deeply personal and moving look at the presidency and how a president’s staff can change the nation.
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