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Sapiens Yuval Noah Harari
A series of special editions of the best popular science books to explore the patterns of our planet. Designed by Patternity, the award-winning creative studio and pattern consultancy.
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Red Notice
Red Notice Bill Browder
Corruption, dirty politics and murder in Russia - told by one of Putin's Most Wanted.
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Major In Success
Major In Success Patrick Combs
Make College Easier, Fire up Your Dreams, and Get a Great Job
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On Michael Jackson
On Michael Jackson Margo Jefferson
Pulitzer Prize-winning critic for The New York Times, Margo Jefferson, brilliantly unravels the complexities of one of the most enigmatic figures of our time.
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The Cannabible Collection
The Cannabible Collection Jason King
Deluxe boxed set of The Cannabible volumes 1, 2 & 3
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Cool Colleges
Cool Colleges Donald Asher
For the Hyper-Intelligent, Self-Directed, Late Blooming, and Just Plain Different
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