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The Choice
The Choice Edith Eger
The incredible, bestselling memoir of survival, hope and empowerment
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Man's Search For Meaning
Man's Search For Meaning Viktor E Frankl
A handsome gift edition of one of the seminal pieces of literature to emerge from the Second World War: Viktor Frankl's moving account of his experiences in Auschwitz.
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Women Who Run With The Wolves
Women Who Run With The Wolves Clarissa Pinkola Estes
One of the key Rider backlist titles, specially chosen for the Rider 100 promotion
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The Road Less Travelled
The Road Less Travelled M. Scott Peck
One of the key Rider backlist titles, specially chosen for the Rider 100 promotion
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Focusing Eugene T Gendlin
25th anniversary edition of the classic bestseller
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Burma Benedict Rogers
The first major book on the contemporary situation in Burma - at a fascinating time of fast-moving change in the country.
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The Lady and the Generals
The Lady and the Generals Peter Popham
The most up-to-date book on Aung San Suu Kyi and contemporary Burma
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Empathy Roman Krznaric
A practical, philosophical guide to living with empathy by one of the UK's leading thinkers
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Dear Leader
Dear Leader Jang Jin-Sung
A rare and extraordinary glimpse into the reality of life in North Korea, by a member of the powerful elite
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The Autistic Brain
The Autistic Brain Temple Grandin, Richard Panek
Understanding the autistic brain by 'one of the most accomplished and well-known adults with autism in the world
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Man Disconnected
Man Disconnected Philip Zimbardo, Nikita D. Coulombe
Internationally acclaimed psychologist Philip Zimbardo reveals how modern manhood has hit crisis point and argues that urgent steps need to be taken now for the good of society.
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Without You, There Is No Us
Without You, There Is No Us Suki Kim
Hardly any authoritative books exist about North Korea, which have been written by outsiders who have actually lived inside the country. This one sheds revealing new light on this fascinating, extraordinary nation, which is so much in the news.
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The Crossing
The Crossing Samar Yazbek
Powerful insight into the effects of civil war on the Syrian people and why so many are desperate to flee, by award-winning Syrian journalist.
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Until We Are Free
Until We Are Free Shirin Ebadi
One woman's fight for human rights in the face of political and personal betrayal, by the Nobel Peace Prize winning author of Iran Awakening
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How To Be A Stoic
How To Be A Stoic Massimo Pigliucci
A philosophy still relevant in the modern world, Pigliucci shows how you can apply stoicism to your everyday life and make it more meaningful.
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Seven Secrets of Mindfulness
Seven Secrets of Mindfulness Kate Carne
If you’re drawn to mindfulness, but find it hard to practice, this is the book for you
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The New Koreans
The New Koreans Michael Breen
There can hardly be a country in modern Asia that we need to know more about. This book, written by an expert, explains the history, the business and the culture of South Korea, and where its future lies.
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No Future Without Forgiveness
No Future Without Forgiveness Desmond Tutu
Archbishop Desmond Tutu's highly successful and inspirational autobiography has been widely praised round the globe – now available in paperback
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Feel The Fear & Beyond
Feel The Fear & Beyond Susan Jeffers
The bestselling companion volume to the phenomenally successful Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway is now available in B format paperback.
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Iron John
Iron John Robert Bly
The hugely influential international bestseller which has been acclaimed as the male equivalent of The Female Eunuch
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The Prodigy's Cousin
The Prodigy's Cousin Joanne Ruthsatz, Kimberly Stephens
Full of amazing stories, here is a fascinating new theory on the scientific link between autism and gifted children.
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Inhale ·  Exhale ·  Repeat
Inhale · Exhale · Repeat Emma Mills
Meditations, recipes and calming techniques for each part of the day, from mindfulness and meditation expert, Emma Mills.
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Flow Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
This classic popular psychology title explains how, by altering our perspective, we can achieve happiness, dispel disharmony and enter a state of perfect equilibrium - a state of 'flow'
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True Hallucinations
True Hallucinations Terence McKenna
A classic romp through the jungles of the Amazon and the mind by one of America's great psychedelic explorers
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