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The Thirst
The Thirst Jo Nesbo
Harry Hole is back! The blistering Sunday Times number one bestseller
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Norwegian Wood
Norwegian Wood Haruki Murakami
The release of the film tie-in edition of Murakiam’s coming-of-age cult classic of love and loss is to coincide with the new major motion picture starring Rinko Kikuchi (‘Babel’).
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Anna Karenina (Vintage Classic Russians Series)
Anna Karenina (Vintage Classic Russians Series) Leo Tolstoy
The Vintage Classics Russians Series - sumptuous editions of the greatest books to come out of Russia during the most tumultuous period in its history
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Killing Commendatore
Killing Commendatore Haruki Murakami
The ambitious major new novel from this internationally celebrated writer, on the scale of his bestselling 1Q84
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Men Without Women
Men Without Women Haruki Murakami
A dazzling new collection of short stories from the international phenomenon, Haruki Murakami
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Evangelista's Fan (Storycuts)
Evangelista's Fan (Storycuts) Rose Tremain
A historical tale set in the 19th century about the real impact of time and identity.
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How It Stacks Up (Storycuts)
How It Stacks Up (Storycuts) Rose Tremain
McCreedy is forty-six and it's his birthday.
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The Darkness of Wallis Simpson (Storycuts)
The Darkness of Wallis Simpson (Storycuts) Rose Tremain
Wallis Simpson lies dying in her Paris flat, glimpsing memories of her life as a young woman as the fog of forgetfulness descends.
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Peerless (Storycuts)
Peerless (Storycuts) Rose Tremain
An old man finds his own way to change the world.
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A Short History of Hairdressing (Storycuts)
A Short History of Hairdressing (Storycuts) Julian Barnes
Gregory ponders as he sits in the barber's chair at various stages of his life.
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Bark / The Silence (Storycuts)
Bark / The Silence (Storycuts) Julian Barnes
Two short stories: a man adopts an ascetic lifestyle in order to outlive his competitors; and a composer attests that silence is the logical conclusion to music.
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Appetite (Storycuts)
Appetite (Storycuts) Julian Barnes
With her husband descending into the advanced stages of dementia, Vivian discovers that reading from his favourite cookery books can help.
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The Things You Know (Storycuts)
The Things You Know (Storycuts) Julian Barnes
Two widows share stories of their departed husbands over breakfast.
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The Story of Mats Israelson (Storycuts)
The Story of Mats Israelson (Storycuts) Julian Barnes
A wistful tale about the stories we spin from fragments of knowledge.
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The Revival (Storycuts)
The Revival (Storycuts) Julian Barnes
A historical relationship of Ivan Turgenev is uncovered.
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The Fruit Cage (Storycuts)
The Fruit Cage (Storycuts) Julian Barnes
A son learns that he didn't know as much as he thought about his parents' relationship.
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Knowing French (Storycuts)
Knowing French (Storycuts) Julian Barnes
A hilarious correspondence about growing old and the difficulty of not looking back.
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Hygiene (Storycuts)
Hygiene (Storycuts) Julian Barnes
A trip to London reminds a man how things have moved on.
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Vigilance (Storycuts)
Vigilance (Storycuts) Julian Barnes
A connoisseur of classical music goes to extreme lengths to keep the audience quiet.
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The State of the Party (Storycuts)
The State of the Party (Storycuts) Irvine Welsh
Calum and his friends take acid and go in search of a party.
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The Rosewell Incident (Storycuts)
The Rosewell Incident (Storycuts) Irvine Welsh
Cigarette-addicted aliens have Midlothian under surveillance.
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I Am Miami (Storycuts)
I Am Miami (Storycuts) Irvine Welsh
A retired Scottish schoolteacher in Miami mourns his wife of forty-one years, and fails to connect with his son's Americanised family.
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Catholic Guilt (You Know You Love It) (Storycuts)
Catholic Guilt (You Know You Love It) (Storycuts) Irvine Welsh
A homophobic Scottish labourer in London dies, and is condemned to confront his prejudices in the afterlife.
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A Fault on the Line / Elspeth’s Boyfriend / Kissing and Making Up: Storycuts
A Fault on the Line / Elspeth’s Boyfriend / Kissing and Making Up: Storycuts Irvine Welsh
Three short stories: a man hurries his family home for a football match; Christmas is ruined by a violent clash; and a guy gets in trouble at a strip club.
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