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The Outsider
The Outsider Albert Camus
Albert Camus' portrayal of a man confronting the absurdity of human life became a classic. Yet it is also a book filled with quiet joy in the physical world, and this new translation sensitively renders the subtleties and dreamlike atmosphere of The Outsider.
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The Penguin Book of the Contemporary British Short Story
The Penguin Book of the Contemporary British Short Story Philip Hensher
A spectacular treasury of the best British short stories published in the last twenty years.
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Maigret and the Tramp
Maigret and the Tramp Georges Simenon
Inspector Maigret investigates an attack on a Parisian tramp.
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Maigret's Anger: PMC
Maigret's Anger: PMC Georges Simenon
Maigret loses his composure when a suspect plots to tarnish his reputation.
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A Maigret Christmas: PMC
A Maigret Christmas: PMC Georges Simenon
Three seasonal stories set in Paris at Christmas, from the celebrated creator of Inspector Maigret.
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Maigret and the Ghost
Maigret and the Ghost Georges Simenon
When a colleague is injured in an undercover operation Maigret takes over and becomes embroiled in the dark underbelly of the Parisian art scene.
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Maigret Defends Himself
Maigret Defends Himself Georges Simenon
When Maigret becomes the accused he must rely on his investigative skills to prove his innocence.
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Maigret's Patience
Maigret's Patience Georges Simenon
Maigret investigates the murder of a criminal he had known for twenty years.
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Maigret and the Nahour Case
Maigret and the Nahour Case Georges Simenon
When a professional gambler is shot dead all except Maigret suspect his mistress is to blame.
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The Birds
The Birds Tarjei Vesaas
Tarjei Vesaas has written the best Norwegian novel ever, "The Birds" - it is absolutely wonderful, the prose is so simple and so subtle, and the story is so moving that it would have been counted amongst the great classics from the last century if it had been written in one of the major languages - Karl Ove Knausgaard.
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Maigret's Pickpocket
Maigret's Pickpocket Georges Simenon
Inspector Maigret falls victim to a pickpocket and is drawn into a peculiar incident.
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The Time Regulation Institute Ahmet Hamdi Tanpinar
In this fictional memoir of Hayri Irdal - troublesome boy, workshy man and feckless husband - life is examined in all its double-crossing, chaotic, disastrous glory.
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There Once Lived A Girl Who Seduced Her Sister's Husband, And He Hanged Himself Ludmilla Petrushevskaya
In these dark, dreamlike love stories with a twist, Ludmilla Petrushevskaya tells of strange encounters in claustrophobic communal apartments, ill-fated holiday romances, office trysts, schoolgirl crushes, tentative courtships . . .
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Bad Behavior
Bad Behavior Mary Gaitskill
The bestselling 1988 collection of short stories exploring the inner lives of men and women, ambiguity and unease in relationships, and the cruelty we inflict on one another.
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Maigret Hesitates
Maigret Hesitates Georges Simenon
A series of letters set Maigret up for a peculiar case.
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