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The Magic of Reality
The Magic of Reality Richard Dawkins
A stunning collaboration between a world-famous scientist and outstanding illustrator
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Losing It
Losing It Sandy McKay
NZ Post Children's Book Award-winning young adult novel about a young girl’s journey back from anorexia to health and independence.
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Tad and Dad
Tad and Dad David Ezra Stein
Tad the tadpole loves spending every minute with his awesome dad, whether they're swimming together, catching flies, or sleeping. But now little Tad is getting bigger. He's growing new limbs and jumping to new heights. 
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Cosmic Catastrophes: Seven Ways to Destroy a Planet Like Earth
Cosmic Catastrophes: Seven Ways to Destroy a Planet Like Earth David Aguilar
In the vast realm of outer space, accidents happen all the time. Things bump into each other. Stars blow up. Space rocks smash into planets. Black holes gobble up everything in their path. The sun is burning out. A comet swarm is bearing down. Any of this could change—or even eliminate—life on a planet like Earth.
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One Small Island
One Small Island Alison Lester, Coral Tulloch
A beautiful, award-winning picture book by much-loved children’s book creators Alison Lester and Coral Tulloch about the remote and precious World Heritage site, Macquarie Island, and the battle to save it from environmental destruction.
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All About Physics
All About Physics Richard Hammond
Put the fizz back into physics! 
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Peanuts: Snoopy's Birthday Surprise: Read It Yourself With Ladybird: Level 1
Peanuts: Snoopy's Birthday Surprise: Read It Yourself With Ladybird: Level 1
When is Snoopy’s birthday? Nobody knows, but Charlie Brown is going to surprise him anyway. Birthday surprises are the best!
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Utterly Amazing Dinosaur
Utterly Amazing Dinosaur DK, Dustin Growick
Learn all about amazing dinosaurs
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Elsewhere: A Colouring Book
Elsewhere: A Colouring Book Joji Koyama
This is a book for colourers, artists, designers and anyone in need of a break and a bit of inspiration. Koyama loosely draws on a gaming aesthetic to create beautiful, fine drawings, printed on thick, cream paper.
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Human Body Coloring Book
Human Body Coloring Book DK
A unique, interactive study aid for learning and understanding human anatomy.
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The Country Diary Of An Edwardian Lady Colouring Book
The Country Diary Of An Edwardian Lady Colouring Book Edith Holden
Nearly 40 years ago, a rediscovered diary enchanted the nation. Edith Holden's 'Nature Notes for 1906' captured her observations on the English countryside's changing seasons, accompanied by exquisite illustrations of its flora and fauna.
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DKfindout! Human Body
DKfindout! Human Body DK
Fun and factual, DKfindout! is an innovative, pocket money priced reference series for kids
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A Really Short History of Nearly Everything
A Really Short History of Nearly Everything Bill Bryson
A new edition of Bill Byson's worldwide bestseller A Short History of Nearly Everything abridged and adapted for children. With full colour illustrations and photographs.
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Help Your Kids With Times Tables
Help Your Kids With Times Tables DK
Are your kids struggling with times tables? Do you want to help them understand what they're being taught?
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On The Origin of Species
On The Origin of Species Sabina Radeva, Charles Darwin
The revolutionary scientific book that explained evolution to millions of people for the first time, retold in stylish and accessible picture-book form.
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Pocket Eyewitness Space
Pocket Eyewitness Space DK
Get up-close to over 170 of the Universe's most intriguing features.
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Pocket Eyewitness Human Body
Pocket Eyewitness Human Body DK
Incredible body facts in one pocket-sized book.
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Pocket Eyewitness Earth
Pocket Eyewitness Earth DK
A pocket-sized guide to the big wide world.
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Stargazer DK Australia
Introducing an exciting new approach to stargazing in the southern hemisphere, this book features step-by-step routes to help you easily identify key constellations across the southern night sky.
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SuperSpace DK
Discover more about space, stars, our solar system - and beyond!
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