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Ivy and the Inky Butterfly
Ivy and the Inky Butterfly Johanna Basford
Bring your own colour to the story. A gorgeously illustrated orginal narrative for all the family to colour and cherish, by the multi-million-copy-selling, worldwide phenomenon, Johanna Basford.
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Lost Ocean
Lost Ocean Johanna Basford
A beautiful new colouring book that takes you beneath the waves by creator of the worldwide bestsellers, Secret Garden and Enchanted Forest.
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Magical Jungle
Magical Jungle Johanna Basford
A new, jungle themed colouring book by the multi-million-copy-selling worldwide phenomenon, Johanna Basford, creator of the global bestsellers, Lost Ocean, Enchanted Forest and Secret Garden.
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Johanna's Christmas
Johanna's Christmas Johanna Basford
The perfect Christmas present for colouring fans, full of festive and winter themed illustrations by the multi-million-copy-selling worldwide phenomenon, Johanna Basford, creator of the global bestsellers, Lost Ocean, Enchanted Forest and Secret Garden.
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Massive Ian Sample
Now fully updated - this is the dramatic and gripping account of the greatest scientific discovery of our time
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The Gadget Show
The Gadget Show
The ultimate guide to all things Gadget.
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Damn You Autocorrect! 2
Damn You Autocorrect! 2 Lyndsey Saul
You'll cringe. You'll laugh. You’ll cry. You'll triple check all of your texts ...
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Call the Vet
Call the Vet Anna Birch
A charming and funny memoir following a young female vet’s adventures and misadventures in rural Dorset. The perfect read for fans of James Herriot, Cathy Woodman and Countryfile.
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How to win games and beat people
How to win games and beat people Tom Whipple
Discover the real ways to win every game imaginable!
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Why Fonts Matter
Why Fonts Matter Sarah Hyndman
Discover the incredible power of fonts to influence your decisions, alter your perceptions, stir your emotions and change how you understand the world
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Lost Ocean Postcard Edition
Lost Ocean Postcard Edition Johanna Basford
Featuring beautiful selections from the worldwide bestselling Lost Ocean, this set of 50 loose postcards in a premium gift box with ribbon is the perfect stationery offering for Johanna's millions of colouring fans.
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The Virgin Green Guide
The Virgin Green Guide
A simple way to help save the planet and save your money
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The World Without Us
The World Without Us Alan Weisman
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Higher Ground
Higher Ground Rhiannon Batten
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Friday's Child
Friday's Child Ben Palmer
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After the Ice
After the Ice Alun Anderson
The story of the biggest geo-political showdown currently facing our planet, far beyond the melting ice
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Zoobiquity Barbara Natterson-Horowitz, Kathryn Bowers
Dr House meets Dr Doolitte in this ‘big ideas book’ that reminds us of the real biological connection between human and animals
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The Watchman's Rattle
The Watchman's Rattle Rebecca D Costa
A groundbreaking and game-changing ‘Big Ideas’ book in the tradition of Thomas Friedman and Jared Diamond.
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The Natural Navigator Pocket Guide
The Natural Navigator Pocket Guide Tristan Gooley
'The perfect book for getting you started on your own adventure' Ranulph Fiennes
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Speed Guy Martin
The ultimate book for speed freaks and thrill seekers, a mix of engineering, science, and going flat out. Has Guy got what it takes to be the fastest? Warning: do not try this at home!
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How to Speak Science
How to Speak Science Bruce Benamran
Bruce Benamran's international bestseller explains not only what scientists know, but how they know it, how they think, and how we can think for ourselves, too.
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The Life-Changing Magic of Numbers
The Life-Changing Magic of Numbers Bobby Seagull
University Challenge quiz genius Bobby Seagull provides a fascinating, personal guide to how numbers can make life better.
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How to Invent Everything
How to Invent Everything Ryan North
A geeks’ manual for improving human history, for fans of What If? and The Worst Case Scenario Handbook.
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