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Shackleton's Whisky
Shackleton's Whisky Neville Peat
Vivid account of Ernest Shackleton's 1907 Antarctic Expedition, and the cases of Mackinlay's single malt whisky that he left behind.
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Harlequin Rex
Harlequin Rex Owen Marshall
Winner of the Montana New Zealand Book Awards Deutz Medal for Fiction.
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Endometriosis Andrea Molloy
Easy-to-understand material on endometriosis, which can often be debilitating and is increasingly common.
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Breathe, Stretch & Move
Breathe, Stretch & Move Dinah Bradley, Tania Clifton-Smith
Break the cycle of tension and exhaustion in the workplace and learn how to have greater energy through correct breathing.
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Asthma Free
Asthma Free Dinah Bradley, Tania Clifton-Smith
Retrain your breathing to manage your asthma medication and stress.
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Parenting Tips: Toilet Training
Parenting Tips: Toilet Training Diane Levy
How to get your child from nappies and diapers into using the toilet themselves, written by a leading expert.
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Parenting Tips: Exercise and Learning
Parenting Tips: Exercise and Learning Sophie Hartigan
How your can help your baby and child's brain development through exercise and movement.
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The Wharf at Waterfall Bay
The Wharf at Waterfall Bay Lisa Harper
The inspiring and entertaining story of a determined young woman alone, who overcame the isolation of her family farm to build a flourishing business.
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Ecoman Malcolm Rands
The story of how Malcolm Rands, an organic gardener and hippy from Northland, built the pioneering global brand ecostore.
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Coasting: The Sea Lion and the Lark
Coasting: The Sea Lion and the Lark Neville Peat
One of New Zealand's finest observers of the natural world takes us on a journey from Otago to the subantarctic and follows the life and migration of a sea lion.
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Feast or Famine
Feast or Famine Karen McMillan
A book of hope and inspiration for sufferers of eating disorders, and their families and friends.
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The Falcon and the Lark
The Falcon and the Lark Neville Peat
Part memoir, part natural history, a journey through Central Otago and encounters with New Zealand's magnificent native falcon.
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The Naturalist
The Naturalist Thom Conroy
A fascinating, moving novel based on the life of Dr Ernst Dieffenbach: scientist, explorer, revolutionary, outcast.
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The Truant From Medicine
The Truant From Medicine Ivan Donaldson
The engaging, witty, fascinating memoir of one of New Zealand's most eminent neurologists and winemakers.
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Shark Man
Shark Man Riley Elliott
The adventures of a shark scientist and his mission to change our perception of New Zealand’s most feared and misunderstood predator.
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The Lunar Code
The Lunar Code Ken Ring
How you can forecast the weather by the moon.
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Healthy Little Eaters
Healthy Little Eaters Wal Herring
How to help your children make healthy food choices throughout their lives.
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Old Dogs New Tricks
Old Dogs New Tricks Peter Jerram, Peter Anderson
More cock and bull stories from New Zealand's favourite country vets
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The Flying Doctor
The Flying Doctor Dave Baldwin
From the author of Healthy Bastards, the man known as the ‘Flying Doctor’ is back, this time with his misadventures, escapades and high jinks from a life of medicine, aviation and hunting.
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High Country Woman
High Country Woman Iris Scott
A special book about a unique high-country farmer and her historic sheep station
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Eye Surgeons And Surgery In New Zealand
Eye Surgeons And Surgery In New Zealand Dr. Bruce Hadden
A look at eye surgery in New Zealand and its many, often colourful, practitioners.
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The Hungry Heart
The Hungry Heart Peter Wells
Shortlisted for the NZ Post Award this fascinating, innovative biography is of a true original and significant figure in NZ's early colonisation.
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Cock and Bull Stories
Cock and Bull Stories Peter Jerram, Peter Anderson
A light-hearted collection of stories and anecdotes from two heartland vets.
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The Nutters Club
The Nutters Club Mike King
Comedian Mike King and a skilled psychiatrist take a novel approach to issues of mental health.
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