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The Power of Habit
The Power of Habit Charles Duhigg
An award-winning journalist reveals the secrets of why you do what you do - and how to change
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Eat Right 4 Your Type
Eat Right 4 Your Type Peter D'Adamo
The global phenomenon blood-type diet is back and even better with a new revised edition offering even more guidance – including 10-day Jump Start Plan – to help you harness the power of your own amazing bio-chemistry and cast aside the fad diets for good!
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Visit Sunny Chernobyl
Visit Sunny Chernobyl Andrew Blackwell
Nuclear exclusion zones, cities thick with smog, mid-Pacific islands of rubbish - it's the planet as you've never seen it before
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How To Fly A Horse
How To Fly A Horse Kevin Ashton
How to Fly a Horse is essential reading for would-be creators and innovators, and also a passionate and immensely rewarding exploration of how 'new' comes to be.
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Fat Planet
Fat Planet David Lewis, Margaret Leitch
A fascinating, timely and extremely approachable account of the social and psychological causes for the global obesity epidemic – and how we can overcome it.
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The Four-Dimensional Human
The Four-Dimensional Human Laurence Scott
A revelatory exploration of life in the digital age
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Smarter Faster Better
Smarter Faster Better Charles Duhigg
A groundbreaking exploration of the science of productivity from the author of the international bestseller The Power of Habit.
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Rethink Steven Poole
Think you know a good idea when you see one? Think again.
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The Ten Types of Human
The Ten Types of Human Dexter Dias
An extraordinary investigation into human nature, by one of the most eminent international human rights lawyers
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The Memory Illusion
The Memory Illusion Julia Shaw
A fascinating exploration of the fallibility of memory and how easily our brains can be misled.
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Solitude Michael Harris
A timely exploration of how to be alone – and why it matters now more than ever before
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An Astronomer's Tale
An Astronomer's Tale Gary Fildes
The Shepherd’s Life meets Brian Cox the inspirational memoir of a former brickie who followed his passion for the stars Soon to be a major ITV TV series.
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A Map of the Invisible
A Map of the Invisible Jon Butterworth
A breathtaking journey into the building blocks of the universe by one of the world’s leading scientists
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WTF?: What's the Future and Why It's Up to Us
WTF?: What's the Future and Why It's Up to Us Tim O'Reilly
Tim O’Reilly, ‘The Oracle of Silicon Valley’, explores how digital technology is restructuring every business, every job, and every sector of society
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Bit Rot
Bit Rot Douglas Coupland
A stunning collection from Douglas Coupland that explores the different ways 20th-century notions of the future are being shredded.
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Tamed Alice Roberts
Ten species that changed our world... For readers of Yuval Noah Harari’s Sapiens, Alice Roberts’s groundbreaking new book, Tamed, reveals how taming our most important animals and plants changed these species – and us – forever.
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Ask an Astronaut
Ask an Astronaut Tim Peake
The awe-inspiring Sunday Times Bestseller from astronaut Tim Peake
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The Sense Of Being Stared At
The Sense Of Being Stared At Rupert Sheldrake
'Sheldrake uses many case studies, along with scientific theory, to support his research, and the result is, quite literally, mind-expanding' The Good Book Guide
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Jolly Green Giant David Bellamy
The long awaited autobiography of Britain's favourite botanist.
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A Rumor Of War
A Rumor Of War Philip Caputo
The original Vietnam memoir and a great classic of war literature with a new introduction from Kevin Powers – 40th Anniversary Edition
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Reflections On A Summer Sea
Reflections On A Summer Sea Trevor Norton
A sensitive, funny and poetic story of love, friendship and marine biology.
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Underwater to Get out of the Rain
Underwater to Get out of the Rain Trevor Norton
The tender and funny portrait of Norton's discovery of the sea and his exploration of a very British love affair with the seaside.
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DNA James Watson
The Nobel Prize-winning co-discoverer of the structure of DNA and author of the international bestseller The Double Helix, tells the story of the amazing molecule since its discovery 50 years ago.
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Also Human
Also Human Caroline Elton
A groundbreaking examination of the pain, pressure and joy of medical work by a psychologist known as the 'doctor's doctor'
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