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Young James Herriot
Young James Herriot John Lewis-Stempel
The story of James Herriot's formative years at veterinary college, to accompany a major BBC drama series.
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The Hunt
The Hunt Alastair Fothergill, Huw Cordey
From the producer of Frozen Planet, the spectacular tie-in to the BBC's landmark new natural history series.
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Planet Earth II
Planet Earth II Stephen Moss
On the 10th anniversary of the BBC's genre-defining Planet Earth, this brilliant new book is an all-new look at our astonishing Planet Earth – from a completely new perspective.
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Good Food: Low-calorie Recipes
Good Food: Low-calorie Recipes Sarah Cook
101 delicious calorie-counted recipes - perfect for a low-calorie diet.
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Blue Planet II
Blue Planet II James Honeyborne, Mark Brownlow
A lavish and definitive view of the oceanic world - accompanying a landmark 7-part BBC series narrated by Sir David Attenborough
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Grumpy Old Men: The Secret Diary
Grumpy Old Men: The Secret Diary Stuart Prebble
Grumpy Old Men: The Secret Diary is a daily chronicle of life for the terminally irritable; an almanac of angst. If you know, live with, tolerate or are a Grumpy Old Man, this is essential reading.
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It's Not Easy Being Green
It's Not Easy Being Green Dick Strawbridge
An updated paperback edition of Dick Strawbridge's bestselling guide to eco-living - published to coincide with series 3 of his popular show
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Grumpy Old Men: The Official Handbook
Grumpy Old Men: The Official Handbook Stuart Prebble
This book will leave even the grumpiest of men with a grin on his face!
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Planet Earth, The Future
Planet Earth, The Future Fergus Beeley, Rosamund Kidman Cox, Jonathan Porritt
This compelling and insightful book serves as a timely reminder of what needs to be done and what can be done to keep Planet Earth alive.
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Frozen Planet
Frozen Planet Alastair Fothergill, Vanessa Berlowitz
Frozen Planet - as you'll never see it again
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Blood and Guts
Blood and Guts Richard Hollingham
A colourful narrative history on the macabre world of surgery
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The Fossil Detectives
The Fossil Detectives Douglas Palmer, Hermione Cockburn
The beautifully illustrated, indispensable guide to fossil hunting in Britain
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Earthflight John Downer
A beautiful collection of breathtaking photography that offers a new and inspiring view of the world through the eyes of birds.
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A Brush With Nature
A Brush With Nature Richard Mabey
A personal collection of Richard's Mabey's favourite writings on nature
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Coast: Our Island Story
Coast: Our Island Story Nicholas Crane
Nick Crane sets off on a journey of discovery - to tell the story of our glorious coast
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The Ascent Of Man
The Ascent Of Man Jacob Bronowski
A new paperback edition of Dr Bronowski's classic history of humankind, with a foreword by Richard Dawkins
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Grumpy Old Women
Grumpy Old Women Judith Holder
GRUMPY OLD WOMEN gives us the female take on the million irritations of today’s world.
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The Sky at Night
The Sky at Night Patrick Moore, Chris North
The 55th anniversary compendium to the BBC's classic astronomy series, by Britain's best-loved astronomer
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100 Ideas that Changed the World
100 Ideas that Changed the World Jheni Osman
The former editor of Focus magazine explores 100 of mankind's most important scientific discoveries, as nominated by the world's greatest thinkers.
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The Sky at Night: Book of the Moon – A Guide to Our Closest Neighbour
The Sky at Night: Book of the Moon – A Guide to Our Closest Neighbour Maggie Aderin-Pocock
Lunar expert and popular BBC presenter, Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock explores our fascination with the Moon, in her first book with The Sky at Night.
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Earth from Space
Earth from Space Michael Bright, Chloe Sarosh
An astonishing view of our natural world as seen from space, accompanying a major 4-part BBC series.
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Cheer the F**K Up Jack Rooke
Rising comedy star and BBC Radio 1's resident on-air expert in mental health, Jack Rooke, presents a comedic, angry and empowering guide on what to do (and what not to do) to help save your best mate, written by someone who lost theirs.
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