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The Book of Secrets
The Book of Secrets Fiona Kidman
Winner of the Fiction category of the New Zealand Book Awards in 1986.
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Replacement Girl
Replacement Girl Ann Beaglehole
Set in 1950s to 1970s New Zealand, this novel vividly brings the Jewish immigrant experience to life.
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Holocaust Tours
Holocaust Tours Julian Novitz
Holocaust Tours is funny, fierce and unafraid: a first novel that questions what history means to us now.
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The Beetle In the Box
The Beetle In the Box Chris Else
Part fairy tale and part philosophical exploration, this compelling fictional love story is witty and subtle, full of insight into the peculiar blend of reason and passion that makes up our humanity.
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Belief Stephanie Johnson
An epic novel of love and religion that sweeps across New Zealand and America at the turn of the nineteenth century.
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Screw You Dolores
Screw You Dolores Sarah-Kate Lynch
A funny, touching, endearing romp towards happiness by one of New Zealand's best-loved writers
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Being Magdalene
Being Magdalene Fleur Beale
The gripping sequel to the award-winning and bestselling YA novels I am not Esther and I am Rebecca.
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Growing Great Marriages
Growing Great Marriages Ian Grant, Mary Grant
Best-selling relationship gurus show you how to gain new insights and ideas that will build intimacy and add spice to your relationship.
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Lucky Legs
Lucky Legs Steve Gurney
The keys to success in a motivational autobiography by New Zealand's top multisport athlete.
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Sins of the Father
Sins of the Father Fleur Beale
‘Phil Cooper was 11 years old when he began to understand that his father meant to bend him to his own will. Over thirty years later, the memory of what happened that day is sharp and clear.’
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Falling for Science
Falling for Science Bernard Beckett
Brilliant examination of evolution vs creationism and of Intelligent Design by an award-winning author.
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Breaking The Habit
Breaking The Habit Judith Graham
A former Domincan nun's story of dedication to her vocation and escape.
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Behind Closed Doors
Behind Closed Doors Ngaire Thomas
A gripping and revealing first-hand account of one family's experience in the Exclusive Brethren community in New Zealand
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Children's Grief
Children's Grief Pam Heaney, Piers Heaney
Loss, grief and death explained for children.
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Grasp the Nettle
Grasp the Nettle Peter Proctor
The expert guide to biodynamic farming and gardening.
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Red Rocks
Red Rocks Rachael King
Adventure tinged with magic when a boy finds a sealskin in a cave in this exciting junior novel. Winner of Esther Glen Medal 2013.
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