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The History of Philosophy
The History of Philosophy A C Grayling
The first truly authoritative and accessible history of philosophy to cover both Western and Eastern traditions.
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The Path
The Path Michael Puett, Christine Gross-Loh
Sunday Times Top 10 title and International Bestseller: ancient Chinese philosophy for modern life from Harvard's most popular professor.
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A Short History of Christianity
A Short History of Christianity Geoffrey Blainey
With his characteristic curiosity and storytelling skill, Blainey considers Christianity's central place in world history. Will it remain in the centre? As Blainey observes in his eminently readable account, the story of Christianity is one of many ups and downs.
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Leila's Secret
Leila's Secret Kooshyar Karimi
Spellbinding and heartbreaking, Leila's Secret shows us everyday life for women in a country where it can be a crime to fall in love. But for all its tragedy, this unforgettable book is paradoxically uplifting, told from the heart of Kooshyar's immense sympathy, in the hope that each of us – and the stories we tell – can make a difference.
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The Greek Myths
The Greek Myths Robert Graves
Definitive, comprehensive and unparalleled - a fresh look for Graves's classic retelling of the Greek Myths
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The Vatican Prophecies: Investigating Supernatural Signs, Apparitions, and Miracles in the Modern Age
The Vatican Prophecies: Investigating Supernatural Signs, Apparitions, and Miracles in the Modern Age John Thavis
Enlightening and accessible to Catholics and non-Catholics alike, the book illustrates the Church's struggle to balance the tension between traditional beliefs and contemporary skepticism. 
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Faith Versus Fact
Faith Versus Fact Jerry A Coyne
The New York Times bestselling author of Why Evolution is True explains why any attempt to make religion compatible with science is doomed to fail
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Silence: In the Age of Noise
Silence: In the Age of Noise Erling Kagge
From the Norwegian explorer, a stunning meditation on the power of silence and how to shut out the world.
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What The Qur'an Meant
What The Qur'an Meant Garry Wills
America’s leading religious scholar and public intellectual introduces lay readers to the Qur’an with a measured, powerful reading of the ancient text
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Carrington Christopher Lee
The long-awaited biography of one of the outstanding politicians of the 20th century.
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Walking Erling Kagge
From the Norwegian explorer, a breathtakingly beautiful, quietly life-changing celebration of walking.
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A History of the Bible
A History of the Bible John Barton
A uniquely ambitious study of the Bible's creation: how it came to be written, how its contents were selected - and how it really relates to the religions that endorse it.
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How to Treat People
How to Treat People Molly Case
The hand of a stranger offered in solace. A flower placed on a dead body as a mark of respect. It is these moments of empathy that define us as people.
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Call It Grace
In a world full of moral and spiritual challenges, Rev. Dr. Serene Jones reveals a spiritual path open to all seekers who want real guidance through complicated issues that affect us all.
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