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The Islamic Enlightenment
The Islamic Enlightenment Christopher de Bellaigue
A revelatory history that uncovers the modern foundations of the Islamic world.
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The Rise and Fall of Adam and Eve
The Rise and Fall of Adam and Eve Stephen Greenblatt
Pulitzer Prize-winner Stephen Greenblatt tackles the origins of humanity through the most enduring story of all time.
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Belonging Simon Schama
A passionate history of a world unfolding across many continents and five centuries by one of our greatest and internationally bestselling historians.
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Against Empathy
Against Empathy Paul Bloom
This landmark scientific investigation by one of the world's leading psychologists reveals empathy to be our most dangerous emotion
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Dawn of the New Everything
Dawn of the New Everything Jaron Lanier
‘The father of Virtual Reality … a high-tech genius’ (Sunday Times) explains why virtual reality presents the ultimate test for humanity
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The Forest People
The Forest People Colin M Turnbull
A life-enhancing account of a remote people living in harmony with nature and one of the great classics of anthropology
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Illuminations Walter Benjamin
A now legendary collection of seminal essays by one of the most influential thinkers of the 20th century.
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Animal Liberation
Animal Liberation Peter Singer
'An extraordinary book which has had extraordinary effects... Widely known as the bible of the animal liberation movement' Independent on Sunday
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Marcus Aurelius
Marcus Aurelius Frank McLynn
The vivid, magisterial and long-awaited biography of Marcus Aurelius, the Roman Emperor - and embodiment of the philosopher's king - whose life and works still speak to us 2,000 years after his death.
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Fields of Blood
Fields of Blood Karen Armstrong
Our foremost scholar of religion challenges one of the most persistent myths of our time: that religion has been the cause of all major wars.
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Undercover Muslim
Undercover Muslim Theo Padnos
The remarkable story of how a Westerner ventured into the heart of radical Islam in Yemen.
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Aristotle’s Way
Aristotle’s Way Edith Hall
How to live happily in the modern world, guided by the ancient ideas of Aristotle
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Palaces for the People
Palaces for the People Eric Klinenberg
A transformative new idea for healing social division from one of the world's foremost experts
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Maoism Julia Lovell
The first global history of Maosim that explores Maos’ life, ideas, influence and legacy as a power that shaped the world well beyond the borders of China.
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The Life and Legend of the Sultan Saladin
The Life and Legend of the Sultan Saladin Jonathan Phillips
The riveting and definitive biography of the Islamic world's most famous military hero
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The Lost Art of Scripture
The Lost Art of Scripture Karen Armstrong
An urgent review of the use and abuse of holy texts in today’s world – and a call for understanding and compassion at a time when religion is viewed as a source of conflict.
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