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Red Notice
Red Notice Bill Browder
Corruption, dirty politics and murder in Russia - told by one of Putin's Most Wanted.
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People Power
People Power Dan Jellinek
A fascinating and accessible guide to democracy in the UK: what it means, how it works and why we need to protect it
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The Big Lie - Who Profits From Ireland’s Austerity?
The Big Lie - Who Profits From Ireland’s Austerity? Gene Kerrigan
A radical view of what lies behind the Irish recession.
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Courting Trouble
Courting Trouble Kathy Lette
The sizzling and controversial new novel
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The Mongol Empire
The Mongol Empire John Man
The untold story of the world’s greatest empire and the creation of modern China
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Field of Shadows
Field of Shadows Dan Waddell
The real story of a moment of sporting history, when an English cricket team took on Nazi Germany in 1937
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The Ariadne Objective
The Ariadne Objective Wes Davis
The incredible true story of the WWII spies, including Patrick Leigh Fermor and John Pendlebury, who fought to save Crete and block Hitler's march to the East
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North Korea Undercover
North Korea Undercover John Sweeney
This timely account is a stunning piece of reportage from the country the author describes as the strangest place he’s ever visited
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Parliament: The Biography (Volume II - Reform)
Parliament: The Biography (Volume II - Reform) Chris Bryant
Two centuries of reform, revolution and political intrigue in Chris Bryant's epic biography of Parliament
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Saladin John Man
The definitive biography of Saladin.
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I Never Promised You a Rose Garden
I Never Promised You a Rose Garden John Crace
From Britain's wittiest political sketchwriter: the only must-read book about modern politics and our next General Election: informative, subversive and very funny.
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Election Notebook
Election Notebook Nick Robinson
2015’s General Election and its profound implications for Britain's political future.
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The Joy of Tax
The Joy of Tax Richard Murphy
How a fair tax system can can create a better society
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Spymaster Martin Pearce
The life of Britain's most highly decorated Cold War Spymaster, Sir Maurice Oldfield
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Entitled Chris Bryant
Exploring the extraordinary social and political dominance enjoyed by the British aristocracy over the centuries, Entitled seeks to explain how a tiny number of noble families rose to such a position in the first place.
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The Outsider
The Outsider Frederick Forsyth
As thrilling as his fiction - this is Frederick Forsyth's life in his own words.
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How to Start a Revolution
How to Start a Revolution Lucy-Anne Holmes
A bite-sized guide to making change happen and the story behind the No More Page 3 campaign, written by its founder.
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The Long and Winding Road
The Long and Winding Road Alan Johnson
The third volume of Alan Johnson's bestselling and award-winning memoirs takes us to the corridors of Westminster and lifts the lid on the life of a hard-working constituency MP...
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Black Flags
Black Flags Joby Warrick
The definitive account of the world's most dangerous terrorist threat, from Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Joby Warrick.
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Faster, Higher, Farther
Faster, Higher, Farther Jack Ewing
The inside story of the Volkswagen emissions fraud by the New York Times reporter who covered the scandal.
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Al-Britannia, My Country
Al-Britannia, My Country James Fergusson
After several decades spent reporting on the most dangerous and volatile parts of the Islamic world, award-winning journalist James Fergusson turns his lens on Muslim Britain.
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Debriefing the President
Debriefing the President John Nixon
AS SEEN ON BBC NEWS AT FIVE. The full story of the interrogation of Saddam Hussein - by the CIA's lead interrogator
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The Myth Gap
The Myth Gap Alex Evans
FOREWORD BY TIM SMIT. A brilliant analysis of how it is stories, rather than facts and pie-charts, that have the power to animate us and bring us together to tackle the major issues of our time: climate change, mass migration, inequality and resource scarcity.
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Things Can Only Get Worse?
Things Can Only Get Worse? John O'Farrell
The follow-up to his classic memoir, Things Can Only Get Better: Eighteen Miserable Years in the Life of a Labour Supporter - John O'Farrell takes us on a sometimes hilarious, sometimes heart-breaking rollercoaster ride from the highs of that Labour victory in ‘97 to the lows of Brexit.
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