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20th Century Battlefields
20th Century Battlefields Dan Snow, Peter Snow
This is the story of the most intense and bitterly fought battles of the twentieth century, and their lasting impact on the world.
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David Starkey's Music and Monarchy
David Starkey's Music and Monarchy David Starkey
A new history of the British monarchy through its music, to accompany a BBC series with bestselling royal historian David Starkey.
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A Very British Murder
A Very British Murder Lucy Worsley
From Jack the Ripper to the cosy crimes of the Golden Age, renowned historian Lucy Worsley explores the evolution of the typical British murder.
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Elizabeth: Her Life, Our Times
Elizabeth: Her Life, Our Times Alan Titchmarsh
An affectionate tribute to Queen Elizabeth's 60-year reign over an ever-changing Britain and its people.
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Antiques Roadshow: World War I in 100 Family Treasures
Antiques Roadshow: World War I in 100 Family Treasures Paul Atterbury
The 100 most moving and astonishing stories from the Antiques Roadshow's World War I centenary special – telling the incredible tales behind treasured family keepsakes.
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Who Do You Think You Are?
Who Do You Think You Are? Dan Waddell
The concise, easy-to-use guide to tracing your family tree, from the hit BBC series that sparked the nation's interest in our family histories.
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Canals: The Making of a Nation
Canals: The Making of a Nation Liz McIvor
The fascinatingly rich story of the golden age of canals - to accompany a six-part series on BBC Four
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Carols From King's
Carols From King's Alexandra Coghlan
A celebration of our favourite carols and Radio 4’s much loved annual broadcast
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The Cold War
The Cold War Bridget Kendall
A riveting oral history of the Cold War, drawing on interviews with those who lived through its key events, based on the BBC Radio 4 series
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Terry Jones' Medieval Lives
Terry Jones' Medieval Lives Alan Ereira, Terry Jones
A vibrant insight into Medieval Britain which will surprise and provoke every reader.
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In Search of the Dark Ages
In Search of the Dark Ages Michael Wood
A fascinating exploration of an often misunderstood period in British history
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Auschwitz Laurence Rees
An excellent history of Auschwitz with an intellectual honesty that the subject badly needs
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Terry Jones' Barbarians
Terry Jones' Barbarians Alan Ereira, Terry Jones
An entertaining rewriting of Roman history from the perspective of the 'Barbarians' - who weren't really barbaric at all!
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The Nazis
The Nazis Laurence Rees
From BAFTA Award-winning historian Laurence Rees, the powerfully gripping story of the rise and fall of the Third Reich
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Horror In The East
Horror In The East Laurence Rees
Laurence Rees' cutting insight into the reasons behind Japanese brutality in the Pacific during WW2.
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Egypt Joyce Tyldesley
Follow the real-life Indiana Joneses in their quest for the splendid monuments, tombs and artefacts that have unlocked many of the secrets of this civilization.
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Ancient Rome: The Rise and Fall of an Empire
Ancient Rome: The Rise and Fall of an Empire Simon Baker
An accessible and highly entertaining single-volume history of Ancient Rome.
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World War Two: Behind Closed Doors
World War Two: Behind Closed Doors Laurence Rees
Laurence Rees' bestselling history of Stalin's relationship with the West - now in paperback
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The Museum
The Museum Rupert Smith
The first ever behind the scenes look at the British Museum.
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The Story of India
The Story of India Michael Wood
A mesmerizing portrait of the Indian subcontinent by one of Britain's finest historians
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War Report
War Report No Author Details
A classic chronicle to commemorate the 75th anniversary of D-Day and the final year of World War II as told through the BBC War Report dispatches.
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