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Ikigai Héctor García, Francesc Miralles
2014 offered The life-changing magic of tidying 2016 surrounded us with hygge In 2017, we’ll discover our ikigai Ikigai – the Japanese secret to a long and happy life from the world’s longest living people.
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The Book of Joy. The Sunday Times Bestseller
The Book of Joy. The Sunday Times Bestseller Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu
Two spiritual giants. Seven days. One timeless question.
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Playing Big
Playing Big Tara Mohr
In the wake of Sheryl Sandberg's bestseller Lean In, PLAYING BIG is a ground-breaking book that gives every women the practical skills they need to find their voice, their vision and to make things happen.
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Winners Alastair Campbell
Winning is not the important thing, it is the only thing.
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Self-Care for the Real World
Self-Care for the Real World Nadia Narain, Katia Narain Phillips
Join the gentle revolution and bring self-care into your life with this beautiful and essential guide
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Going to the Mountain
Going to the Mountain Ndaba Mandela
Life lessons for us all: Going to the Mountain is a book about Ndaba Mandela’s unforgettable time growing up with, and learning from, one of the greatest leaders the world has ever known – his grandfather, Nelson Mandela.
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Rituals for Every Day
Rituals for Every Day Nadia Narain, Katia Narain Phillips
Simple strategies and easy-to-follow advice on how rituals can help you press the pause button on the pace of modern life
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How to Raise Successful People
How to Raise Successful People Esther Wojcicki
The Godmother of Silicon Valley, legendary teacher, and mother of three superstar daughters, shares her tried-and-tested methods for raising happy, healthy, successful children.
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The Power of Nunchi
The Power of Nunchi Euny Hong
The book on the power of nunchi - the Korean secret to happiness and success.
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