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Good Omens
Good Omens Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett
The classic, bestselling dark and hilarious take on mankind's final judgement by two genre giants reached the small screen this spring in the Amazon Prime Original / BBC TV production - written by Neil Gaiman and with a brilliant all-star cast!
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Eragon Christopher Paolini
A wonderful, classical fantasy story of dragons, wizards and heroes that will appaeal to both young and adult readers.
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Eldest Christopher Paolini
Book 2 in The Inheritance Trilogy
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The Colour Of Magic
The Colour Of Magic Terry Pratchett
The first Discworld novel, revamped for a new generation of readers...
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The World of Poo
The World of Poo Terry Pratchett
A charming tale for people of all ages (but especially for young Sam Vimes) from the pen of Miss Felicity Beedle, Discworld's premier children's author.
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The Discworld Atlas
The Discworld Atlas Terry Pratchett
A brand-new and fully illustrated guide to Terry Pratchett’s extraordinary and magical creation: the Discworld.
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The Emperor of all Things
The Emperor of all Things Paul Witcover
This thrilling and acclaimed historical fantasy - set in a reimagined 18th-century - should strike a chord with readers of Susanna Clarke, Phillip Pullman and Neal Stephenson.
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The Watchman of Eternity
The Watchman of Eternity Paul Witcover
Set in a reimagined 18th-century, the enthralling sequel to the acclaimed historical fantasy, The Emperor of All Things that should strike a chord with readers of Susanna Clarke, Phillip Pullman and Neal Stephenson.
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The City
The City Stella Gemmell
A stunningly imagined and thrillingly written epic novel that places its author in the front rank of today's bestselling writers of fantasy fiction.
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The Immortal Throne
The Immortal Throne Stella Gemmell
Epic, involving and thrillingly imagined - the powerful new fantasy novel by the acclaimed author of the bestselling THE CITY.
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Discworld: The Ankh Morpork Map
Discworld: The Ankh Morpork Map Terry Pratchett
The Compleat Ankh-Morpork is your chance to visit the Discworld’s most famous city from the comfort of your iPad. At its heart is a beautiful hand-drawn perspective map, recreated as a bustling, animated city, ready for you to explore.
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The Long Utopia
The Long Utopia Terry Pratchett, Stephen Baxter
The dazzling new science fiction adventure from the extraordinary imaginations of Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter - the fourth novel in a collaborative series that has been hailed as 'sense-of-wonder SF at its best' (Independent on Sunday).
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Raising Steam
Raising Steam Terry Pratchett
The Discworld's first train comes steaming into town and causes Moist von Lipwig all sorts of problems in this, the final, glorious adult novel in Terry Pratchett's legendary, multi-million-selling sequence.
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The Queen Of The Tearling
The Queen Of The Tearling Erika Johansen
Combining the sinuous drama of Game of Thrones, the narrative drive of The Hunger Games and a brilliantly imagined and engaging young central protagonist, The Queen of the Tearling is the thrilling opening chapter in a dazzling, daringly original new fantasy adventure.
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The Invasion of the Tearling
The Invasion of the Tearling Erika Johansen
The breathtaking sequel to the international bestseller The Queen of the Tearling - that was hailed by the Daily Mail as 'like Game of Thrones and The Hunger Games meets Pulp Fiction' . . .
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The Fate of the Tearling
The Fate of the Tearling Erika Johansen
The breathtaking concluding volume in Erika Johansen's thrilling, acclaimed and internationally bestselling 'Tearling' trilogy.
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Small Gods
Small Gods Terry Pratchett, Ray Friesen
A brand new Discworld graphic novel adaptation.
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Mrs Bradshaw's Handbook
Mrs Bradshaw's Handbook Terry Pratchett
A Discworld artefact - Georgina Bradshaw's guide to the railways of Raising Steam.
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Dancer's Lament
Dancer's Lament Ian C Esslemont
Taking Malazan fans back to that troubled continent's turbulent early history, this is the opening chapter in Ian C. Esslemont's awesome new epic fantasy sequence, the Path to Ascendancy.
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Roofworld Christopher Fowler
Above the streets of London lives a bizarre cult - half in our world, half in their own... Roofworld is the novel that launched the illustrious career of Christopher Fowler and is now published for the first time in ebook.
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Spanky Christopher Fowler
Published in ebook for the first time, the fabulous, decadent, dazzling cult classic from the genius pen of Christopher Fowler, acclaimed author of the Brynat & May novels.
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Rune Christopher Fowler
Could the Devil be on the loose in London . . . ? One of Bryant & May author Christopher Fowler's most cunning, clever and compelling novels - a fiction to stand alongside the contemporary classics Roofworld and Spanky.
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Red Bride
Red Bride Christopher Fowler
Christopher Fowler draws on the London he knows so well to recount the story of one man's descent into the depths - a classic, disturbing, fantastical fiction of darkening urban unease from the maverick mind behind the Bryant & May novels.
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Disturbia Christopher Fowler
A dark tale of urban unease from the genius pen of Christopher Fowler - now available in digital format, and with an introduction by Joanne Harris.
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