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Abe Sapien Volume 4
Abe Sapien Volume 4 Mike Mignola, Scott Allie
Direct from the pages of Hellboy and B.P.R.D.!
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Bprd Hell On Earth  Volume 9
Bprd Hell On Earth Volume 9 Mike Mignola
With Liz Sherman back in fiery action, two B.P.R.D. teams make their way through the monster-filled streets of the Manhattan wasteland in order to reach the Black Flame's fortress and take down his army. Series Overview: The Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense, also know as the BPRD, is the group led by Hellboy who are dedicated to ridding the material world of monsters and spirits.
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Misfits Of Avalon Volume 1
Misfits Of Avalon Volume 1 Kel McDonald
Misfits of Avalon the new YA fantasy series by Kel McDonald will debut online. McDonald will publish a new page of Misfits of Avalon online everyday until the trade paperback of volume one is released. This will be the first of three print volumes collecting the web comic.
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Battlepug Volume 3
Battlepug Volume 3 Mike Norton
Battlepug began as a design for a t-shirt, morphed into a webcomic about a Conan-like character with a giant sword riding an oversized version of one of the goofiest-looking housepets, and now is a graphic novel series from Dark Horse.
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