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Agent Running in the Field
Agent Running in the Field John le Carre
The greatest chronicler of the age turns his incisive gaze to the tumultuous present in this superb new thriller.
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Line of Sight
Line of Sight David Whish-Wilson
Line of Sight is classic crime noir, a tale of dark corruption set in a city of sun and heat.
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Fortune Cookie
Fortune Cookie Bryce Courtenay
Set against the wretched trade in drugs and human misery operating during the Vietnam War, Bryce Courtenay's Fortune Cookie is a spellbinding thriller, with a story of love against impossible odds at its heart.
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Black Holes
Black Holes Jiahong He
From the author of Hanging Devils, one of The Guardian's top ten Asian crime novels, comes the long-awaited follow-up.
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Buffalo Jump Blues
Buffalo Jump Blues Keith McCafferty
In the fifth novel in the Sean Stranahan mystery series, Sheriff Martha Ettinger investigates the death of a young Native American man at a buffalo jump site, and Stranahan tracks down a beautiful young woman’s childhood friend.
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Beams Falling
Beams Falling P.M. Newton
Beams Falling is the brilliantly compelling and gritty second novel by the rising star of Australian crime writing. A portrait of our recent past, it's also a compulsive and utterly authentic insight into the way both cops and criminals work.
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St Kilda Blues
St Kilda Blues Geoffrey McGeachin
It's 1967, the summer of love, and in swinging Melbourne Detective Sergeant Charlie Berlin has been hauled out of exile in the Fraud Squad to investigate the disappearance of a teenage girl, the daughter of a powerful and politically connected property developer.
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Zero at the Bone
Zero at the Bone David Whish-Wilson
By the author of the acclaimed Line of Sight, Zero at the Bone lifts the lid on Perth at the start of the mining boom to show a town where Chinatown meets Underbelly, and where the establishment and the lawless blend into one.
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Tell the Truth, Shame the Devil
Tell the Truth, Shame the Devil Melina Marchetta
Melina Marchetta's gripping new novel Tell the Truth, Shame the Devil is a cracking fusion of suspense and heart-rending drama.
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Hanging Devils: Hong Jun Investigates: China Library
Hanging Devils: Hong Jun Investigates: China Library Jiahong He
Set in the mid-nineties, Hanging Devils is a true-to-life story of cold-blooded murder and corruption from one of China's foremost legal experts.
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The Good Liar: FTI
The Good Liar: FTI Nicholas Searle
When Only A Lie Will Reveal The Truth.
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My Husband's Wife
My Husband's Wife Jane Corry
First comes love . . . Then comes marriage . . . Then comes murder.
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A House In The Sky
A House In The Sky Amanda Lindhout, Sara Corbett
The inspiring story of a woman who survived kidnap and being held captive for a year in war-torn Somalia . . .
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Horror Stories
Horror Stories E. Nesbit
Before she became a world-famous children's author E. Nesbit wrote for adults. She penned a great many ghost and horror stories, of which the very best are gathered here.
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My Sister's Bones
My Sister's Bones Nuala Ellwood
Kate Rafter is a high-flying war reporter. She's the strong one. The one who escaped Herne Bay and her father. Her sister Sally didn't. Instead, she drinks.
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The Witchfinder's  Sister
The Witchfinder's Sister Beth Underdown
The number of women my brother Matthew killed, so far as I can reckon it, is one hundred and six . . .
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A Traitor In The Family
A Traitor In The Family Nicholas Searle
A terrorist kills for his beliefs, but what happens when those closest to him want to leave the fight?
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Prague Nights
Prague Nights Benjamin Black
A chilling historical mystery set in 16th-century Prague from one of our favourite crime writers.
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Skin Deep
Skin Deep Liz Nugent
The deliciously sinister new novel from the bestselling author of Lying in Wait.
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A Legacy Of Spies
A Legacy Of Spies John le Carre
For the first time in over 30 years, John le Carré returns to the Cold War in this thrilling masterpiece.
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The House
The House Simon Lelic
Step inside . . . if you dare.
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Close to Home
Close to Home Cara Hunter
Someone took Daisy Mason. Someone you know.
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In The Dark
In The Dark Cara Hunter
Do you know what they're hiding in the house next door?
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