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Maigret and the Killer
Maigret and the Killer Georges Simenon
Maigret is called to investigate the stabbing of a young man.
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A Clockwork Orange
A Clockwork Orange Anthony Burgess
This special edition of A Clockwork Orange restores the text of Anthony Burgess' novel as he originally wrote it, and includes a glossary of his teen slang 'Nadsat', pages from the original typescript, explanatory notes, interviews, articles and reviews, shedding light on the enduring fascination of the book's 'sweet and juicy criminality'.
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Maigret Sets a Trap
Maigret Sets a Trap Georges Simenon
With Paris under siege following a series of murders, Maigret must hatch a cunning plan to lure the murderer out.
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Our Game
Our Game John le Carre
Set in a fragmented, uncertain post-Soviet world, le Carré's brutal story of falsehoods and betrayal shows men playing dangerous games beyond their control.
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Libra Don Delillo
Reissue with a stunning new jacket of this classic DeLillo novel.
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The Lottery And Other Stories
The Lottery And Other Stories Shirley Jackson
This is the definitive collection of Shirley Jackson's short stories, including 'The Lottery' - one of the most terrifying and iconic stories of the twentieth century, and an influence on writers such as Neil Gaiman and Stephen King.
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The Haunting Of Hill House
The Haunting Of Hill House Shirley Jackson
A tie-in edition to accompany the new Netflix re-imagining of Jackson's scariest novel.
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The Spy Who Came In From The Cold: The Smiley Collection
The Spy Who Came In From The Cold: The Smiley Collection John le Carre
The Cold War is at its most chill. Alec Leamas, a seasoned British Intelligence officer whose entire East German network has been arrested or shot, leaves West Berlin for London, believing his career is over.
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The Blue Room
The Blue Room Georges Simenon
For Tony and Andrée, there are no rules when they meet in the blue room at the Hôtel des Voyageurs. Their adulterous affair is intoxicating, passionate - and dangerous. Soon it turns into a nightmare from which there can be no escape.
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The Russia House
The Russia House John le Carre
In his first post-glasnost novel, le Carré captures the effect of a slow and uncertain thaw on ordinary people and on the shadowy puppet-masters who command them.
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The Secret Pilgrim
The Secret Pilgrim John le Carre
The final novel featuring Smiley, Le Carré's most enduring character, and a gripping feat of narrative brilliance.
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A Small Town in Germany
A Small Town in Germany John le Carre
A hardback series for le Carre collectors.
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The Looking Glass War
The Looking Glass War John le Carre
A hardback series for le Carre collectors.
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