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Beauty's Sister: Penguin Special
Beauty's Sister: Penguin Special James Bradley
'Bradley's writing is spare and precise, his images haunting, and his plot reimagines the well-known fairy tale from the point of view of Rapunzel's darker, wilder sister... I have read many hundreds of reinventions of this tale. Beauty's Sister is one of the most powerful.' Kate Forsyth
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Marrow: Penguin Specials
Marrow: Penguin Specials Yan Lianke
A chilling and relentless tale of family responsibility and a mother's sacrifice, Marrow is Yan Lianke at his best.
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Governor Bligh & the Short Man: Penguin Special
Governor Bligh & the Short Man: Penguin Special Peter Cochrane
Seventeen years after the mutiny on the Bounty, Governor-elect William Bligh sets sail for New South Wales accompanied by his daughter Mary, the narrator of this extraordinary shipboard tale.
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Radish: Penguin Specials
Radish: Penguin Specials Mo Yan
During China's collectivist era in the late 1950s, a rural work team responsible for building an important floodgate receives a strange new recruit: Hei-hai, a skinny, silent and almost feral boy.
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The Girl with the Dogs
The Girl with the Dogs Anna Funder
The Girl with the Dogs is a poignantly beautiful novella about what's really precious in life, from Miles Franklin Award-winning Anna Funder, author of All That I Am.
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