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Secrets Of A Kept Chick Saga
Secrets Of A Kept Chick Saga Ambria Davis
Amina "Mimi" Washington was born in poverty and raised on the South Side of New Orleans to parents who were not capable of raising a child. From a very young age, she has had to fend for herself.
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When Is Buddy Coming Home?
When Is Buddy Coming Home? Gary Kurz
How do we explain to our little ones that their beloved pets have gone home to be with the Lord? Do our loyal animal companions understand how deeply they are missed?
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Most Wanted
Most Wanted Kiki Swinson, Nikki Turner
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The Boss
The Boss Aya de León
A Justice Hustlers Heist Novel She won’t back down. She’ll never stop. And in this seductive, suspenseful novel, one gorgeous sister puts her future on the line for the exploited—even as her past and present collide, threatening to take her out…
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A House Divided
A House Divided Donna Hill
Families always have secrets. And secrets have the power to heal—or hurt. Now beloved author Donna Hill's enthralling novel explores the wrongs we do for the right reasons, and the ways we struggle to reconcile the truth.
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Charisma Nikki Turner
The past always has a way of catching up with you…
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Can't Stop
Can't Stop Clifford "Spud" Johnson
One man will do everything in his power to take revenge...
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Black Love, White Lies 2
Black Love, White Lies 2 Genesis Woods
Audrielle and Cairo were an unlikely pair from the moment they met, but the chemistry between the two of them was undeniable. They fell hard and fast for each other, but an unforeseen medical emergency forced Cairo to make a decision that would damage their relationship, perhaps beyond repair.
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If I Can't Have You
If I Can't Have You Dawn Jiles
Will the friendship between the "it" girls in school stand the test of time, or will lies, betrayal, heartache, and secrets tear them apart?
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My Sister's Husband
My Sister's Husband Ambria Davis
Skylar and Brinay Williams are the true definition of "sisters from another mother." The product of an extramarital affair, Brinay has always been the outsider in her father's family. When her mother dies unexpectedly, Brinay seizes the opportunity to put some distance between herself and her painful past.
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