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Maigret And The Old Lady
Maigret And The Old Lady Georges Simenon
When a charming elderly widow appeals to him for help, Inspector Maigret travels to a seaside village in Normandy - uncovering a lost fortune and some poisonous family politics.
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Maigret Sets a Trap
Maigret Sets a Trap Georges Simenon
With Paris under siege following a series of murders, Maigret must hatch a cunning plan to lure the murderer out.
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Maigret's Dead Man
Maigret's Dead Man Georges Simenon
A series of strange phone calls leads Inspector Maigret through the Paris streets towards a man out of his depth amid a network of merciless criminals.
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A Modern Detective
A Modern Detective Edgar Allan Poe
In these two stories gentleman sleuth C. Auguste Dupin, the first fictional detective, investigates the death of a young girl and the grisly murders in the Rue Morgue.
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The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Arthur Conan Doyle
A beautiful clothbound edition featuring some of the famous detective's most famous cases.
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The Woman In White
The Woman In White Wilkie Collins
The Woman in White famously opens with Walter Hartright's eerie encounter on a moonlit London road.
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Pietr The Latvian
Pietr The Latvian Georges Simenon
In Simenon's first novel featuring Maigret, the laconic detective is taken from grimy bars to luxury hotels as he follows a trail of bodies and traces the true identity of the elusive international criminal, Pietr the Latvian.
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The Innocence Of Father Brown
The Innocence Of Father Brown G.K. Chesterton, G. K. Chesterton
With his round face, pipe and umbrella, the shambling, bespectacled priest Father Brown is an unlikely detective - yet his innocent air hides a razor-sharp understanding of the criminal mind. As this first volume of his adventures shows, the clerical sleuth has an uncanny ability to bring even the most elusive wrongdoer to justice.
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The Incredulity Of Father Brown
The Incredulity Of Father Brown G.K. Chesterton, G. K. Chesterton
Father Brown, the shrewd and modest clerical detective, encounters miracles, ghosts and prophets in this third volume of ingeniously plotted tales. From South America to New York, his keen observation is a match for any mystery - even when he finds himself missing, presumed dead, in his own coffin . . .
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The Secret Of Father Brown
The Secret Of Father Brown G.K. Chesterton, G. K. Chesterton
Unassuming super-sleuth Father Brown has such brilliant powers of deduction that he knows more about crime than the criminals themselves. In this fourth volume of stories, the shabby priest unravels baffling conundrums involving, among others, a flying fish, a man with two beards and the Worst Crime in the World.
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The Scandal Of Father Brown
The Scandal Of Father Brown G.K. Chesterton, G. K. Chesterton
After many years in the priesthood, Father Brown knows human nature and is not afraid of its dark side. In this fifth and final series of mysteries, the clerical mastermind confronts slander, passion, superstition, high crimes and misdemeanours, outwitting some quite extraordinary and villainous adversaries on the way.
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The Late Monsieur Gallet
The Late Monsieur Gallet Georges Simenon
Investigating the circumstances around the death of a certain Monsieur Gallet, Maigret finds that much of the man's life was a lie: the name he travelled under and even his stated profession. 
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The Hanged Man Of Saint-Pholien
The Hanged Man Of Saint-Pholien Georges Simenon
It all started yesterday. Or did it begin years ago? All Maigret knows is that the shabby traveller he was following has committed suicide in a hotel room.
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The Carter Of La Providence
The Carter Of La Providence Georges Simenon
'What was the woman doing here? In a stable, wearing pearl earrings, her stylish bracelet and white buckskin shoes!
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The Yellow Dog
The Yellow Dog Georges Simenon
In the windswept seaside town of Concarneau, a local wine merchant is shot. In fact, someone is out to kill all the influential men and the entire town is soon sent into a state of panic.
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The Night At The Crossroads
The Night At The Crossroads Georges Simenon
On the outskirts of Paris, a sensational crime in an isolated neighbourhood becomes the focus of Maigret's investigation.  But the strange behaviour of an enigmatic Danish aristocrat and his reclusive sister prove to be even more troubling.
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A Crime In Holland
A Crime In Holland Georges Simenon
Outsiders are viewed with suspicion in the small Dutch town of Delfzijl. Maigret, unable to speak the language and a stranger to their strict, church-going way of life, must unearth the sins at the heart of this seemingly respectable community.
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A Man's Head
A Man's Head Georges Simenon
An audacious plan to prove the innocence of a young drifter awaiting execution takes Maigret through the grey, autumnal streets of Paris. As he pursues the true culprit from lonely docks to elegant hotels and fashionable bars, he confronts the destructive power of a dangerously sharp intellect.
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The Mahe Circle
The Mahe Circle Georges Simenon
This is the first English translation of The Mahé Circle, Simenon's dark, malevolent depiction of an ordinary man trapped in mundanity and consumed by obsession.
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